Aggressive Behavior In Dogs: How To Keep Other Pets Safe

Aggressive Behavior In Dogs: How To Keep Other Pets Safe

December 21, 2015 • Aggression • Views: 2477

The hostile or aggressive behavior of your dog towards another dog is an intense situation in anyway you see it. Until your dog has passed all his treatment, it is best to keep him in a secure space from every other dog or pets. When we say secure it means the dog requires a lot of time to spend with themselves in complete calm and relaxed state. Here are a few tips on how to manage aggressive behavior in dogs and how to keep other pets safe.

How To Identify The Cause Of Aggressive Behavior Against Other Pets

The environment that they live in and how they are cared for has a great part in molding your dog’s character and socializing skills. While there are some dogs who are trained to become aggressive (depending on their breed), enforcing the right training and how you expose them on how to socialize with other pets during their first six months is very crucial for them to develop an aggressive behavior towards other pets. Keep in mind too that dog breeds that are not delicate and agreeable can turn out to be profoundly hostile if abused.

How To Treat Aggressive Behavior Against Other Pets

The vast majority of dog behaviorists applies a technique called desensitization to treat aggressive behavior of a dog to other pets. Utilizing a lot of encouraging feedback will help diminish the physical separation between your dog and other pets without adding up to his stress and anxiety level. This nurturing way takes a lot of time and patience. In time, the dog will get used to it and will develop the habit of welcoming other pets than becoming aggressive towards them. It is important to consult a licensed and trained behaviorist when dealing with aggressive dog behavior and before making any effort to begin the desensitization procedure. Meanwhile, don’t push your dog’s anxiety level by physically rebuffing or hollering at him, and overlook the use of prong or gag collars. Stressing them out will just heighten the dog’s nervousness and expand the hostile behavior. The exact opposite thing you need to show him is that socializing with other pets must not be a stressful situation for them but a chance to play and get physical interaction.

How To Prevent Aggressive Dog Behavior Against Other Pets

There’s no proven approach to counteract hostility; however, there are essential steps you can take to extraordinarily diminish the risks your dogs suffer when having this issue. First, make them get used to mingling with other pets. Set aside a regular time as the weekend, where they can have a regular play time with behaved pets who can greatly influence them to display good behavior. Second, have your pet scheduled for the required neutering and spaying process. Third, Continuously treat your dog with graciousness and regard, applying encouraging feedback while training with a dog behaviorist. Physical and verbal reprimands or intimidation, and making them feel isolated just urge animosity by adding to a dog’s hostile attitude against other pets.