Best Tips To Stop Dog Barking

Best Tips To Stop Dog Barking

December 21, 2015 • Barking • Views: 6516


When dogs bark, it is important to know the reason why and what will make them stop barking. Shared here are three proven tips that can help stop the dog from barking. While every one of them can be fruitful, you shouldn’t expect extraordinary results immediately. The more drawn out your dog is from barking, the more time is needed to make the dog change their ways.
Try not to holler at your dog to make them shut up. It gives a wrong impression that you want to bark along and draw attention to yourself. Maintain an upbeat and playful atmosphere as well as keeping the training method consistent so that the dog will instantly recognize what you want to achieve.

Remove The Reason Behind The Barking Of The Dog

If you take out the reason why the dog barks, the dog can immediately stop and draw their attention somewhere else. Try to determine what is the reason for barking and make all necessary effort to remove it out of their sight. Try not to give your dog the chance to proceed with the woofing conduct. A good example will be, when the dog keeps barking at strangers passing by your front lawn. Deal with this conduct by transferring the dog kennel or spot in another part of the house where there is not a chance to see strangers walking by. Supervise the dog’s condition day and night to monitor the progress.

Ignore The Dog Barking

Try to ignore or disregard your dog for whatever length of time that it takes him to completely stop. Don’t give any consideration at all while they are barking incessantly. Your consideration just remunerates him for being boisterous and loud. Try not to converse, touch, and even throw a single gaze. If they calm down on their own effort, give a little treat. To make this technique more effective, you should have enough patience to wait until the dog stops barking. It sends a strong message that you will not be moved by the barking method just to capture your attention, and they will be left with no other choice but to stop. The key is to simply turn your back and ignore.

Train For The Quiet Command To Stop Barking

It might sound irrational, yet the initial step of this system is to instruct your dog to bark when you give them the command to do so. First, train the dog to “talk”, wait for the dog to bark a few times, and if they follow, show a treat out of your pocket and make the dog smell it. Once the dog quits from barking, give a positive feedback, and let them have the treat as a reward for good behavior.
Once your dog develops the habit of barking every time you give the command to do so, incorporate the training for the quiet command. Do this regularly and you can monitor and maintain the calm behavior and diminish the dog’s urgency to bark just to draw attention. At the end of the day, applaud the dog for being calm and reward their effort with their favorite treat.