Why Dog Bites And How To Stop Dog Biting

Why Dog Bites And How To Stop Dog Biting

December 26, 2015 • Biting • Views: 2386

Kids are the most well-known casualties when it comes to victims of dog biting with casualties ranging up to the teenage years. Kids are more prone to be seriously harmed by dog bites because of their size and for not being aware of how to behave when there is a dog. The majority of dog bites happen while kids play with their pets. That is why it is best to educate everyone about how not to get bitten by a dog. Keep in mind that every dog has the ability to bite anytime they want to. However, knowing and understanding the reason why they bite may help them to stop biting.

Common Reasons Why Dog Bites
Dog bites are usually caused by the possessive behavior of dogs. To prevent this from happening, begin early training on how to minimize possessive attitude of the dog. If the dog has a tendency to bite while feeding them, you can train them to wait. Train them to sit or rest and after that remove their food and place it back again. Get their food dish while they eat and add bits of treats, this way they get the impression that the presence of another person coming near their food is perfectly fine.

Give further instructions to kids not to interrupt dogs when they are eating or having their treats to prevent getting bitten by a dog. Fear can also be a cause for dog bites, but it is usually addressed towards strangers like a sales agent or a postman. Never try to approach a new dog too, and educate your kids to do likewise. Avoid the habit of annoying a dog who sleeps or rest in order not to get bitten.

Warning Signs For Dog Bites
Being aware of the situation that triggers a dog will engage you to maintain a strategic distance from these circumstances. You can immediately notice dog biting warning signs by observing your dog’s behavior. When the ears are stuck back, their fur tends to stand up, especially along the back area, and there is more white presence in their eyes, the dog is positioning themselves to attack or bite. Dogs that refuse to socialize is another clear indication that the dog is ready to bite.

How To Prevent Dog Bites
Training a dog not to bite definitely starts at home with your own dog by being a dependable pet owner. In case, you have no intentions of breeding your dog, have them spayed or neutered to prevent dog biting. Practice and play with your dog all the time to strengthen the human-creature bond and to make use of their reserved energy that can help trigger them to become anxious and bite. Try not to permit your dog to meander free where they can be a risk to other animals and individuals. Do attempt to mingle your canine and open him to a wide range of individuals and circumstances. If you have kids at home, set aside an ideal opportunity to instruct them on acceptable behavior around dogs, what to look for and what to do if a dog lunges and bites them.