Why do Dogs Run Away? How To Stop It?

Why do Dogs Run Away? How To Stop It?

January 6, 2016 • Loneliness • Views: 2553

Dog shelters abound with numerous dogs because of the reality that some of them run away and never made it back home or were not claimed by their owners. It is one of the greatest stresses of numerous dog proprietors, who battle with needing to give their dog the chance to run, play, and be able to return home. A puppy that runs can get hurt by a passing vehicle, taken away, assaulted by another animal, or wind up at a pet shelter. Making your dog, safe begins with knowing the reason behind why they are running away. Here are a few reasons why they run away and how to avoid it from happening.

Reasons Why Dogs Run Away:

Dogs are the most lovable of all animals, and they express it any way they wanted. So it’s hard for us to envision why the dog would need to leave a protected, warm, dry home where he is fed a few times each day, showered with love, consideration, toys, treats, and so on. It’s hard to imagine how they can leave the comfort of their home and the love of their owner.

Searching for a buddy or love interest. One of the probable reasons is the dog wander in light of the fact that they are searching for a mate. It’s that straightforward. It’s additionally a justifiable reason or motivation to adjust your puppy, particularly if they invest a great amount of time and energy staying outside or have an open front yard where they can easily rush out of the gate and run away.

Fatigue and boredom. If you see your dog stuck in a vacant patio throughout the day, has no energy or interest to explore the outside world, chances are they are going to attempt and figure out how to run away from home.

Simply because they love to run away. Depending on the dog breed and if they are trained to run or chase after another animal, such dogs will always have a tendency to go out and run. They couldn’t care less where or when, they simply need to run. A large number of these dogs escape only because they love to stay outdoors and delight in nature.

How To Stop Dogs From Running Away?

One of the major factors is to make their surroundings fascinating and interesting enough to make them stay. Do not allow dogs to get left alone outside your home the entire day. If it cannot be avoided, make the place safe and secure for him to move around.

You may try to hide treats or chewable that he need to make an effort to discover. Try to freeze an ice block that is filled with tasty dog treats inside. Something that will keep him busy licking off while you are away from home or when he is left alone. Allow him to lick the ice until it gets melted and all the treats are taken.

Set a time for each day when you can have social interaction with your dog. You can play catch; Frisbee throws, chase him around the lawn, or do some physical activity to keep him busy and it gets tired.