Why do Dogs Chase their Tail? How to Deal with tail chasing obsession?

Why do Dogs Chase their Tail? How to Deal with tail chasing obsession?

January 7, 2016 • Obsession • Views: 7329

Man’s best buddy can give a wide range of fun and elicit a lot of laughs in the household. However, maybe nothing is more entertaining than seeing your dog all of a sudden begins to have a fixation on their own particular tail and starts turning around in circles, attempting and giving their best to capture it. It is a common scenario that can induce heartfelt laughter in even the most serious individuals. Why does it precisely happen and why they chase their tails of a sudden to the point that the dog becomes obsessive about catching it? Here are the reasons why dogs get obsessed with chasing their tail.

Reasons Why Dogs Develop A Chasing Tail Obsession:

Feelings of boredom. In many cases, dogs will pursue their tails because they are somewhat exhausted or bored; it’s another way for them to have a fabulous time and consume their energy. It is particularly valid for dogs who may not understand that their tail is really a piece of their body, yet consider it to be a toy. Basically, this behavior changes when they age or mature.

They need your attention. Do you tend to watch and giggle when your cute dog begins to chase his tail? If he gets your attention by doing so, chances are, he will always do it anytime he wants and needs you to pay heed and spend playtime moments with him.

The dog has medical issues that need serious consideration. If you always see your puppy truly pursuing their tail and attempting to nip at it and bite on it, you might need to plan a medical checkup with the veterinarian or a behavioural specialist. Now and again puppies will pursue their tails because they are being disturbed by worms or bugs or encountering some other sort of health issue.

Hereditary or genetic reasons. For reasons that despite everything we don’t generally comprehend, breeds like German shepherds and Terriers have a tendency to participate in a tail-chasing activity more than any different breeds — even if they become older. This happens significantly more when dogs have been isolated in one place for a really long time.

It has become a natural impulse for the dog. A few dogs might build up a habitual issue that includes being obsessed with chasing their tails. These sorts of behavioural issues are a result of how the dog was treated by the owner— isolation, physical abuse, tragic accidents or injury from the past, detachment uneasiness, etc., that needs immediate attention and treatment.

What To Do With Dog Chasing Tail Obsession
In case your dog is enthusiastically obsessed with chasing their tails, he can bring about genuine harm by gnawing and biting on it when he at last catches his own tail. Dogs may suffer from hair loss on their tails because of this sort of conduct and even cause them irreparable damage. The best thing you can accomplish for her well-being is to have her looked at by a veterinarian. It’s very conceivable that she’s impeccably fine, yet she truly isn’t, the most ideal approach to determine the issue is to have the assistance of a professional veterinarian.