Why do dogs dig? How to stop dogs from digging?

Why do dogs dig? How to stop dogs from digging?

December 17, 2015 • DOG Behavior • Views: 6021

There are few reasons why dogs dig; some dig because they smell the scent of an animal, some dig because they are bored, some dig because they want to hide food, some dig because they are searching for moisture or they are satisfied doing it. If you want to stop your dog to stop digging, then the following tips and tricks will help you:

Conditioning or Training your dog

Enrol yourself and the dog in a basic training class

When you are enrolled in a calm assertive training, your dog will see you as a master of the pack. Usually, dogs think in terms of pack order, balance and dominance. If everything is done rightly, your dog will show great respect to you, and will remember virtually everything that was taught at the pack.
Teach him basic commands and principles like heel, sit, stop, come, go, etc. Make sure you practice all these tips at least once in a day for 5 to 15 minutes.

Take away the boredom

Most dogs dig simply because they are bored. If your dog stares at a fence or room for so long, he may start digging, or even engage in hyperactive or playful behaviors like digging holes and running.

Entertain him with toys, especially if the dog is young. Usually, puppies love playing with toys, especially if they are in the company of other puppies. You need to rotate the toys at all times so that you can keep them always excited. Take a walk with your dog at least once in a day. Just keep the dog busy, so that you can distract it from digging.
Give your dog room to socialize with other dogs. Bring it to a park, and let him saunter, sniff and socialize as much as he wants. Bulldogs are not easily bored when they are around.

Create safe discouragements

Find things that will discourage the dogs from digging. Apply some corrective measures when you see the digging for a hole. Hitting him or her hard can make the dog to be aggressive or even be anxious. Most people try to discourage them by using blunter discouragements. Some dogs don’t like perceiving the smell of their feces, so putting their feces in the hole they have dug can make it less pleasurable for them. Another way of doing so is by buying a small inflated balloon in their holes, and then cover it up with dirt.

Give your dog some attention

Ensure you enjoy with your dog at all times. If you give him or her more attention, they won’t be tempted to be digging a hole. Dogs require attention if you can’t give it to them. You may not be friendly with them. They might get irritated by your personality, and this can end up becoming an issue. Dogs deserve attention to be more useful to themselves and then to their owners.