AFFENPINSCHER (Facts-Characteristics-Information-Training-with-Pictures)


March 4, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 36359

They are also called Monkey Dogs.

These are wire-haired dogs who are excellent companions. Girls love this breed as they look really cute, and their fluffy fur makes them really eye-catching. It is still a rare breed, but it’s gaining popularity at a decent pace all over the USA and other countries.

Although they look really cute, they have bold nature and fearless. As Training could be easy for this breed because they are quick learners.

As mentioned before that this breed is fearless and bold. These qualities make him an excellent watchdog. Once he senses that something is wrong, he becomes alert and active.

If they feel threatened, they don’t hesitate to bite. So if you have children at home, then you should give second thoughts to make him your family dog as he can bite children if provoked by them. But if you don’t have small kids at home then Affenpinscher could be an excellent companion and family member.

People love to watch Affenpinscher playing and enjoy it. As Affenpinscher is an attractive personality and entertainer.

You might need to pay more for this breed or wait for some time as it is not an easy breed to find. You can try to contact breeders, agencies, pet stores, etc.

Always try to get the puppy from known breeder or from some reference with some reputation to make sure that puppy doesn’t have some disease. You also check health clearances for his parents and record for its vaccination

Affenpinscher is a small size breed who weighs around 7-10 pounds and have height of around 9-12 inches

Grooming is really necessary for this kind of beautiful breed. Make sure you comb the hair every time you give him a bath. There are different types of combs are in the market so pick which suits the best to your needs.

Try to brush their teeth daily. You can also brush their teeth every other day, but there is a big possibility that he might get the cavity.

Trim his nails twice a month. It will be beneficial for him and you. He will not get any infection near the nails, and you will not get any scratches even if he jumps on you.

Exercise is also an important factor to consider when thinking about getting this breed. They need regular exercise. It doesn’t have to be hard exercise and for hours. But playing with him for half an hour or jogging might be sufficient.