Afghan Hound (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

December 15, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 11292

afghan hound

Attractive, moody and autonomous, the Afghan is loved by the individuals who know and treasure him. The Afghan Hound is refined and reserved. This special, old puppy breed has an appearance that is not like any other dogs: an appealing silk-like cover, fascinating face, slim and fashionable, and with an air of elegance around him. Looks aside, Afghan lovers portray this dog as both standoffish and humorous. Hailing from Afghanistan, where it was first referred to as Tazi; the Afghan is viewed as one of most seasoned dog breeds in the planet.

The Afghan Hound was initially utilized for chasing huge prey in the arid deserts and around the slopes of Afghanistan, where its inexhaustible, long coat is required for warmth. The Afghan is profoundly esteemed for his capacity to run swiftly and over long and wide distances. He bravely chases wildlife animals like panthers until his handler catches up astride a horse beneath him. This breed is likewise esteemed for his capacity to think and chase freely, without human supervision. However, his cuteness tends to reduce as he ages. An adult Afghan Hound does not seek too much attention, and he is not too clingy for hugs, kisses, and petting. He is very independent and if he needs to be cuddled he will choose to do on his own.

It is commonly a loyal or one-family puppy. These dogs don’t energetically welcome the visitors. There is more possibility that he will irritate them by being unconcerned with their presence. While a few dogs may bark a few times when a visitor enters the home, this breed is not known to be a decent or reliable guard dog.

The autonomous thinking of the Afghan makes it not easy to be trained. This dog is for the most part not inspired by dog treats and does not have as solid a craving to please like numerous different breeds. In spite of the fact that the Afghan makes a staggering presentation in the show ring, for instance, more than one expert handler has been humiliated in the ring by a refusal to perform. Indeed along these lines, this breed is known for outflanking different breeds when the choice to do as such is his own. Tender care, generosity, and tolerance work best with this breed, alongside a comprehension that there will be times when the puppy just won’t coordinate.

Prone to having colds, the symptoms in the Afghan are the same as in individuals; sniffling, eye, and nasal release, tingling, balding, and lethargy. Treatment shifts as per the reason and may incorporate dietary confinements, drugs, and natural changes.

Genuine meat is the best sustenance for this dog and high fiber pet feeds, but lean meat is mostly advised for their protein needs, and more meaty parts must be given than bone sustenance.

Coat, Color, and Grooming
The Afghan coat is simply marvelous. It is fine in composition and like human hair, it is thick and smooth. On Except for the back, the whole body is liberally secured in hair. The hair is short and smoothes in adult puppies. Grooming, brushing, and regular bathing are an unquestionable requirement. Numerous managers choose to contract an expert groomer to keep the cover in great condition on the grounds that are prepping him up is so drawn out and at times troublesome.

The breed’s autonomous nature and expansive size make him ideally equipped as a canine buddy. It is not prone to chase after and play with kids. Indeed, a kid’s brisk developments and commotion level can startle him easily. He will endure, even be unconcerned, to different pets in a family. As anyone might expect, the Afghan’s seeker’s intuition drives him to pursue little creatures, particularly on the off chance that they flee.