Border Collie (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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The Border Collie was bred specifically for intelligence and obedience. Border Collies are herding dogs with unlimited energy and very high stamina. They are highly trainable with superb intelligence. This breed is medium sized and has a variety of colors. They are hardworking and aware of their surroundings. They learn really fast and are great for owners who are into dog sports. Border Collies are happy when they are given tasks that are physically and mentally challenging.

Border Collies are medium sized breed about 30 to 45 pounds in weight and a height of up to 22 inches. They have a flat skull that is the same size as the muzzle and with a moderate stop. They have oval shaped eyes that vary in color; from brown to blue and sometimes even differing colors. Their medium sized ears also vary from fully erect; others are fully dropped, while others have semi-erect ears. Their legs look straight when viewed upfront but sloping slightly when seen from the side. They also have a medium sized tail that’s set low and only rises when they are excited.

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs as well as very hardworking. They are much aware of their surroundings, and they learn really fast. Border Collies are considered as one of the most intelligent breeds. They like to be kept busy, and they must be kept busy otherwise, they will get bored and destructive. Since they were bred for herding, in the absence of a sheep they might go after children, cars or other animals. Some Border Collie that are not properly socialized acts fearful and shy. For those owners who are into dog sports, the Border Collie will be perfect for you.

For Border Collies to be happy, they need extensive exercise and challenging activities to occupy their minds. Adolescent Border Collies tend to challenge their owners authority, so they need firm and consistent owners. They also like to dominate, so owners must show them who’s boss or else they will take over. This breed loves to serve and please their family so make sure you spend time with it. Keep it in mind that a bored Border Collie will not make a great pet for it will become destructive.

Some of the identified health conditions are hip dysplasia, eye problem, epilepsy, allergies, and deafness. Their lifespan is 12-15 years.

The recommended daily serving for Border Collie is 2 to 2 1/2 cups of dry food to be divided into two meals.

Border Collies have a soft undercoat and coarse topcoat. There are two kinds of coats for this breed; rough and smooth. The rough coat can be found around the legs, chest, and belly with medium length. The smooth coat is short all over with minimal feathering. The color is mostly black with white markings. Although there are some tricolored and bicolored Border Collie but never white. Weekly brushing of the coat is required and bathe only if necessary. Brush the teeth at least twice a week and check the ears as often as possible for possible infection. Trim the nails once a month or only as needed.

Border Collies with proper training can be a dog family dog. They can get along with children and other pets although there will be times wherein they will try to herd them, so parental supervision is still advised during playtime.