English Setter (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

December 15, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 9951

English setter


English setter was 1st found in England as a hunting dog since 400 years ago. But it seems not to be much special until this breed was developed by Englishman Edward Laverack and Welshman R.L. Purcell Llewellin.

The English setter is mainly medium in size. It is a part of setter family which is very popular among the dog breed. Irish setters, black- and –tan Gordon setters, Irish red and white setters are the mentioning name of this family among the whole world.
Though it mainly found in white coat, but sometimes black or brown spot also can be found under the belly or tail. That spots make them more beautiful. Their coat remains flat until they get angry or being ferocious. It’s very silky and straight. Long hair that are fringe, can be found in their ears, chest, tail, under the belly to makes the dog prettier.

Feed English setter twice a day atleast. High quality of dry fruits about a cup is recommended to feed them dividing into two meals. But the food amount should depend on the dog’s age and size. Whenever it is small or puppy, it needs less than whenever it grows up or being an adult. If you don’t know the right feeding amount, then can take help from the pet shop or from the person who sold it to you.

You should bath your setter every week. It will save it’s fur from getting dirty and from horrible smell too. But wash your setter in a very proper way. You must bathe him with Dog shampoo and gel that are suitable for this breed.

English setter also sheds like the other dog or pet. If you brush the hair regularly, then they are much gentler and will reduce hair falling.You should trim the hair around his ear first. His long hairy ear may block his hearing too. Wipe the hair that is already being cut, with a cotton ball and moisture cleaning liquid that won’t harm your setter.

Dogs are seen to eat various things in a whole day. So, Brush their teeth 4-5 times a week to remove the germs and food elements. It also helps with the bad smell. Dogs usually rub down their nails naturally. If it doesn’t, then you have to trim them by your own. But if you can’t do this yourself, you get help by a professional groomer. Whenever you can hear the scratching by its nail, then it’s the high time to trim them as soon as possible.

Always be careful that your pet may not get infected with any rushes, insects or chicks. These can be made you setter sick. Take your pet to the veterinarian if something serious happens rather than treating it at home.

Makes your children and the other younger member are aware that they should not tease the setter or do anything that may get angry it. If it gets anger anytime, then it could get aggressive and also bite.