Field Spaniel (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Field Spaniel is a very special breed of the dog breeds. It has unique characteristics and personality with attractiveness.

Characteristics of Field Spaniel:
Field Spaniel is a type of Spaniel family. It is mainly a beautiful medium sized breed.It’s specially developed as such type dog that is more suitable for field work rather than hunting.In the mid 20th century it was being redeveloped as a long legged dog that can be suitable for many types of field work. It’s found in dark color, mainly in black. This breed is rare nowadays.

The Field Spaniel can be considered as a good family dog while it is being used to do something. They are mostly suitable for dog agility and hunt. Without some purpose, your pet can often try to amuse itself by doing entertaining things and cause mischief to make laugh other. However, they are favorite to the children as if they are not be harassed by them. When they are trained to be socialized, they can be good with other dogs also. They have seemed be docile and independent and want to be free types animal.

Coat, color, and grooming:
As Field Spaniel is mainly medium sized, it considered the slandered size of it is 17-18 inches or about 43-46 cm tall. It also maintained an average weight like 40-55 pounds or around to (18-25) kg. Field Spaniels mainly found in the color of black, roan or liver. White markings and tan points tickles on chest or throat also can be seen with the same color like the whole body.
Field Spaniel has long single coat but without any overcoat. Thick feathers are available on the belly, chest, ears, and legs and the tail.

Your Field Spaniel must be taken with great care. As it is mostly used for field work, it may get dirty easily with random dirt. So, he should be taken bath in every 2 or 4 weeks. Because without making him a bath, a very bad smell may comes from his body. There is many dogs’ shower gel, or cleaning gel can be found in market or pet shop. You can also use them to finish a proper bath of your dog.
Your dog’s nail and long hair must be trimmed within a certain period. You can be attacked by his ferocious nails anytime if you do not trim them on time. On the other hand, if you don’t trim his long hairs, they may shed on everywhere in your house.

To keep your Field Spaniel healthy, keep him clean first. Make a food chart by consulting with animal doctors. Give extra nutrias food and medicine as the doctor prescript. Notice that your pet is infected by any rushes or chicks or not. If you found any errors, take necessary steps to solve it.

Feed your Field Spaniel according to doctor’s food chart. But notice that it should be filled with all nutrias fact that a dog must be needed.

With children and other pets:
You or your family members should not do such anything that makes the dog angry. That can make him ferocious and motivate to bite who had attacked or teased him.