German Shepherd (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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German Shepherd

German Shepherd is very popular in the whole world for its appearance. Though it is mainly found in Germany but it’s most popular in the UK. Though it’s nickname is GSD, but it also called Berger Allemand, Deutscher Schäferhund, German Shepherd, Schäferhund its. But in the UK, it’s also called Alsatian and Alsatian Wolf Dog.

German Shepherd is a hard working breed. It is a large dog.
It’s the most commonly in tan shade black color.
German Shepherds are mostly popular for their intelligence
Highly preferred for guarding or searching missions.

German Shepherds are addressed as dogs which are very active and self-assured. The breed has a marking for eagerness to learn and willingness to have a milestone. They are very excited and want to do something unique which may make them excellent guard dogs and perfect for any search mission. They can be over-protective of their family and the owner, especially if not socialized properly. They are declined to become immediate friends with strangers as they have strong suspecting power. German Shepherds are highly skilled, more intelligent and obedient to their own than any other breeds.
German Shepherd is mainly seen in works for police or with any armed company that works for finding or catching any criminals. They have a strong smelling power that helps the cops to find out the suspected people or any error.

Color, coat & grooming:
German Shepherds are mainly found in color black which is commonly tanned with black saddle. It is also double coated dog. Dee brown, golden are also available in their body. Many people can be deceived by thinking them as wolf as they look very similar to them

On the first, we had already said that German Shepherd is a large shaped dog. The Male German Shepherds may be 60-65cm long & the females may be 55- 60 cm long. The perfect weight of the male is 30-40 kg and for female, it is about 22-32 kg.

As Germen Shepherds are very ferocious dog, so it should get a proper training. Otherwise, it may get anger and bite the strangers. As they are very intelligent, they can easily remember the body smell of many persons whom they met once. So, make them introduced with the persons whom you don’t make hurt by this dog. If it’s badly needed, then use barriers or iron case and lock in order to control them.

As German Shepherds are very active breed and most wildly, they need extra nitrous food to maintain good health. Nutrias foods and meats are suggested for them 2-3 times a day depending upon their activity. Dry Dog foods are suitable for them, but you can also give them meat few times a week.

With family and children:
As this breed is mostly used professionally, you will feel secure with this breed. It should keep away from your family members and children until they get good bonding. Introduce him to all family members and train him properly not to bite or reach any harm to them.