German Wire-haired pointer (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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German Wirehaired pointer



German Wirehaired pointer mainly founded in Germany. But by its best quality and nature, it has become one of the most popular dogs among all breeds of the world.

The dogs of German Wirehaired pointer are well muscled, medium to large sized dog of looking at.
Their coat helps them to maintain the body temperature.
This breed is very intelligent, energetic and amazing hunter.
The tail is normally found in two-fifths of the natural length.
Like all German pointers, the dogs of this breed have webbed feet.

This breed has similarity with ‘Spionone Italiano’ (another dog breed).
The German Wirehaired Pointer is a kind of breed which is very active and quite intelligent. It has tended to learn and loyal to its family as well as the owner; it can be a good handler who is consistent in appearing. The German Wirehaired Pointer likes to be loyal and amused much working for its owner. It has leadership power. It can be a perfect for hunting as well as a watchdog if they could get a proper training in early age.

Color, coat & grooming:
German Wirehaired Pointer has soft, thick, short coat. They are quite silky and soft. But the coat helps the dog to maintain their body temperature with the outside temperature. They have a soft tail. Heavy hairs are mostly found around the neck, face, ears and legs. German Wirehaired Pointer shed majorly two times in a year.
Color shades that are mixed with, black, silver, liver, etc. are available among this breed.

An unhealthy German Wirehaired Pointer can be affected by hip dysplasia, ear infections, and genetic eye disease and skin cancers.
Height:  Males 24 – 26 inches (60 – 67 cm)
Females 22 – 24 inches (56 – 62 cm) 
Weight:  60 – 70 pounds (27 – 32 kg) average
They may live 10-12years

The German Wirehaired Pointer is being developed to hunt all day in the field, and that’s what he feels happy doing this. As an independent dog, he likes as well as need much exercises daily. That will help him to maintain the healthy life.
It needs to be neat and clean. It should take bath every week. Brushing daily will help them keep away any mouth infections and smell. There are many different products in the market for teeth.

German Wirehaired Pointer needs a great care while feeding. Try to give the most nutrias food. But you should care about the amount that is strictly suggested. Over feeding and less feeding both are harmful for your dog’s health.

With children, family &other pet:
When German Wirehaired Pointer grows up with a family environment, he copes up quickly with the human and needs less training to set their behaviors. Most of the time they found in very friendly behavior but if they are annoyed by someone, then it is quite a chance to get attacked by them. So don’t tease them or let the children do the same with the dog. It can be ferocious with any stranger’s pet.