Glen of Imaal Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Glen of Imaal Terrier



The Glen of Imaal Terrier is mainly found in Ireland. Though it is a family dog, but it has a hunting heart inside it.

The Glen of Imaal Terrier came from Ireland.
It breed has been developed as multi- hunter, who can hunt fox, badger, etc.
These Irish dogs are often allowed to dogs fight as a play
It’s a healthy breed.
Glen of Imaal Terrier is very intelligent and loyal to his master.

The most heard phrase “large dog in a small body” is appropriate for this breed. Glen of Imaal Terriers is brave and intelligent, although they rarely found in starting a fight with other dogs that can be in the same breed and with the other breeds too. But as this breed doesn’t like to quarrel much, he seems to finish it quickly. He will also protect his own family that is included by his wife or children, if the need arises badly.
Glen of Imaal Terrier is very intelligent, patient, loyal and traits that helped them to become a wonderful companion dog. These dogs give their best to his master and his family if they are well treated.

Color, Coat & Grooming:
The Glen of Imaal Terrier’s coat is medium in length, with a textured topcoat which is harsher and shorter undercoat. The coat of this breed is found in several shades of wheaten, any shade of blue, from silver to slate; from cream to red; and brindle, and a tiger stripe-like pattern that mixes one dominant color with darker streaks or patches. The Glen is a non- to low-shedding breed.

Grooming the Glen is very easy. As this is not a fussy breed, so there’s no need to make too much fuss over its coat. Their coat needs to be brushed twice a week. As it doesn’t shed much, a bath within 3 months is suggested to have or wait until any dirty smell comes from its body.

The amount of the food for your dog may be variable by its size and age. As all animal is individual, they need individual food amount also. You can take help from the expert or from animal doctors about this. Their suggestion may help you to provide your dog the perfect nutrias fact.

Your pet should be taken to bath in every 3 months to remove the dirt and bad smells that comes from their body. Various types of shampoo and cleaning gel which are made for dog’s skin are available in markets.
Wipe the dirt inside the ears of you Glen of Imaal Terrier if they are over jammed and reduce the hearing power. Their teeth should be brush twice in a week to keep clean by brushed away the bacteria. Trim the nails if does not fall down. If you can’t do this, get help from the volunteer or an expert person from the pet shop.

With children, family & other pets:
Though Glen of Imaal Terriers is playful, joy minded dog, they should not be alone with the children. Many naughty children seem to tease him by pinching, take away their foods from him, etc. That annoys him and encourages to bite. Even small animals like rat, rabbit, and birds also have the risk to get attacked by him.