Gordon Setter (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

December 16, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 7656

Gordon Setter

Gordon Setter is general breed to hunt pheasant and quail, Gordon Setters are very good companions and also can be field trial competitors. Dogs of this breed are also obedient, informative power and agility and are a terrific family and hunting dog.

The Gordon is the largest of all kinds of Setters
It is an active, well-muscled dog which is capable of working hard but can remain in their mentality the age he wants to stay in.
The Gordon Setters are familiar for maturing in late and have the tendency to remain young at their heart.
The breed is quite intelligent as well as gentle and loyal too.
This breed is excellent watching capability.

As Gordon Setter is a hard working as well as intelligent breed, if the dogs of this breed can get the proper training and good socialization in their very early age, they can be the best watchdog you have ever experienced. 
They are very active in spite of not being too much fast moving dog. They can be suffered from depression if they are left alone without any company. That may also feel them sick by giving mental pressure.
Gordon Setters may be naughty at their childhood, but they become more gentle and polite with the age of growing up.

Color, coat & grooming:
The Gordon Setters have an attractive coat which is soft and shiny to look and touch at. They also found in straight to slightly wavy way. Gordon Setters have long hair on their ears, chest, belly, the back of the four legs, and the tail. The tail of this breed is not long, with a triangular shape, which became shorter and shorter toward the end of the softy tail. A Gordon Setter may have spotted on the chest which is color in white, the smaller the better.

You can consult with vet or the consulter of the pet shop from where you bought your dog or puppy. They can suggest the best food combination or menu for your pet. Usually 2 or 2.5 cups of dog’s food are advised for Gordon Setter. This amount can be changeable with the size and age of the dogs. It’s no need to be said that big dogs need more food than the smaller one.

Gordon Setters are generally healthier in size, but like the other breeds of dogs, they can be attacked by various diseases. But it should be kept in mind that if you buy a puppy from the verified pet shop or dealers. They have less risk of being affected with virus as they have taken medicine in their childhood

Gordon Setter needs exercises daily. They can walk a long run without any tiredness. They should be taken bath within 4-5 weeks. Comb their hair twice a week to help falling the damaged hair. Brush the teeth and trim the nails within a certain period. If you don’t have efficiency in doing this, take help from the experts.

With children, Family & other pets:
If the Gordon Setter trained up from the beginning, it can be an excellent guard of your house. It also behaves friendly with little children. Even also, allow them to touch their body too.
Though Gordon Setters cope with other pets like cat but does not want to stay with another breed of dogs.