Great Dane (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Great Dane is a large kind of dogs breed. For their size and health conditions, they are not suitable for small or narrow places. This breed does not live for a long time.

The Great Dane is very sweet in nature; they have the tendency to please the people.
This is a matter of sorrow that, this breed has a very short lifetime (7-11 years).
The dogs of this breed need large spaces to stay and move.
The equipment of this dog may be costly to maintain
This breed is not perfect to do any work when it is very small

The Great Dane is one of the best breeds among the all. His nature is very polite, sweet, has the maturity to his master. It’s very eager to please human that helps them to be trained up quickly. As it is a social dog, it wants to live where much people stay in. It likes most family people. Even they are not cause of fear to any strangers until they are ordered to attack that person.

Coat, Color & Grooming:
There are six as usual colors are found in this breed. They are: Fawn (a golden color with a black mask), Mantle (black and white with a solid black blanket over the body) Blue (steel deep blue), Black, Harlequin (white with irregular black patches), Brindle (that may be fawn and black intermixed all over the body in a tiger-stripe pattern). The Great Dane usually sheds a too much, but his coat can be easily maintained by regular brushing.

Great Danes is a quite healthy breed, but like all the breeds of dogs, they have the risk of certain health conditions and diseases. Not all Danes will be affected by these diseases, but you should be aware of these and collect medicine if the necessity arises.

As Great Dane has a big body, it needs much more area for living and playing. It may get cold if it kept in cool weather. So take care of its health and try to keep him in room temperature. He also provided for regular exercises.
Great Danes are being suggested to take bath in every 1-2 weeks. Their coat also should be brushed to help the dead and fallen hairs. Their ears also should be cleaned all-time.

You can consult with your pet doctor for preparing a diet chart for your Great Dane. As they have already a big body, much feeding can made him bulky and may unable to move him fast.

With Children, Family & other pets:
Great Dane is a type of breed that has a tendency to please the people. So, it does well if they are brought and grows up with the proper training that how to behave with familiar people and also with the strangers. They are also okay with the other pets of the same house if can stay altogether from the puppyhood. But to say they have also have the tendency of attacking someone if they feel annoy by their any actions.