Greater Swiss Mountain Dog (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Greater Swiss Mountain Dog

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is mainly origin in Switzerland. Its nickname is Swissy. It can be also called by “Great Swiss”.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is such type of breed which is sociable, active, calm, and dignified, and also loves being part of the family.
It is generally healthy for its size and having the tendency of far fewer problems than most other popular breeds in its size range.
Among the four types of Swiss mountain dogs, this Greater Swiss Mountain dog is considered as the oldest and is also the largest one.
The breed has large and heavy-bones with great physical structure and has enough strength to perform all farm duties or other duties they are purposed to.
The main colors of this breed are black, white, etc.

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a type breed that is draft and drover. It is a large, heavy-boned dog that has an incredible physical strength and working ability. Though they have heavy body structure, it can easily do any task for which they are kept on. Even they can also perform the duties of any mountainous works too.

Color, Coat & Grooming:
There is black color on top of the Greater Swiss Mountain dog’s back, ears, tail and the majority of their legs. There should be rust on a thumb print above the eyes, the cheeks, and also, rust should appear on their legs between the white and black. The double coat of this breed has a dense from the outer coat of about 1.5 to 2 inches long. The pattern of the top coat can have the range from straight, short and fine to longer, wavier and coarser. The under coat is not thin and ranges from the preferred dark gray to light gray to tawny, and must be noticed on the neck, but can be found on all over the body with such a heavy coat. Their coat mainly sheds heavily twice a year.

The male dogs of this breed may have the range between 25 to 29 inches at the shoulder and female Greater Mountain Dogs have the range between 23 to 27 inches at the shoulder.
As this breed is healthy, the slandered weight of male dogs is 50-70Kg and for the females, it’s 45-50kg. They may live 7-12 years.

The Greater Mountain Dogs are not too much dog, so they should have a proper training. Without it, they may get angry and bite the strangers. But as they are not foolish, they can easily keep in mind the body smell of many persons whom they met a single time. So, make them aware with the people whom you don’t make attacks by this dog. If it’s crying needed, then use barriers or iron case and lock them until they would be under controlled

As Greater Mountain Dogs are very lazy breed and most wildly in nature, they need more nutrias food to maintain good health. Nutrias foods and meats are suggested for Greater Swiss Mountain dog about 2 times in a day or 4 or 5 times in every week. Regular dogs are also provided.

With family and children:
As this breed is mostly used as professionally and works are wild areas, so it should keep away from your family members and young children. But if you want to make it guard of your house, then he must be introduced to the all family members and trained up properly not to bite or reach any harm to them.