Harrier Dog (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Harriers are medium sized dogs that are found in the United Kingdom. They are mainly used for the purpose of hunting hares.

The Harrier has similarity with the English Foxhound but smaller in size.
Harrier stands between 21 and 24 inches at the shoulder and slandered weight for an adult is between 45 and 65 lbs.
They have short hair and hanging ears.
They may live 10-15 years.
Now they are mostly common in Ireland for hunting.

The Harrier is cheerful-minded, has sweet-temperature, tolerant of people, and it behaves well with children. This breed is good with other dogs too. It likes the life that can be packed with people, dogs, or both of them. This not lazy dog likes to roaming, sniffing, and trailing in a safe enclosed area. Some Harriers may be like to bay.

Color, coat and grooming:
Harrier may have tri color, Black, white, deep brown mixing color make them very nice and attractive to look at. Their coat is small and thick. It majorly grooms once or twice in a year.
Trim the long hear if they come in front of their eyes and disturb while watching something.

Harrier usually lives 10-15years. But they may often suffer from Hip dysplasia that occurs this breed much.

This breed does not need to take bath every day, you can skip some days in between if you want to. Their coat should be brushed occassionaly to get rid of the dead hairs. Their ears also should be cleaned with cotton balls so that they may not hear less.
Wash its mouth every day or try to brush its teeth.
Harriers also need some manual exercises daily. That may help to keep them fit and healthy.

As Harrier is an active breed, they need more food to maintain their stamina level. Sufficient food and exercise may help your dog to keep feet fit all time. You should give the food in average amount,too much food is not good for this breed. You can try to add some extra nutrias food to your pet’s diet as an expert suggests.
A diet chart also can be prepared with the help of your pet’s doctor. You can also give calcium medicines or any other options if the doctor suggests.
Usually, 1.5-2 cups of dry food that is suitable, divided into two meals.

With children, family & other pets:
As its a hunting dog, introduce them at very first to the other pets of your house so that Harrier may not attack them. Give the proper training to stay with them without reaching any harm.
Teach your children not to tease the dog or annoy them. Don’t let them take away food from the dog while they are eating or do not bother when they are tired or sleeping. That may motivate it to bite you or any members of your family.