Ibizan Hound (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

December 16, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 3511

ibizan hound



This lean and agile member of the hound family traces his roots back to ancient Egypt. It resembles the Egyptian jackal and believed that the Pharaoh hunted and kept these hounds. There is enough evidence to prove that the Ibizan Hound originated from Egypt as there are several artifacts retrieved from the Pharaohs’ tomb that resemble this dog. Through trade that took place with sea merchants this dog was taken to the Ibizan Island from which it derives its name, and it thrived in its new environs despite the harsh climatic conditions. The Ibizan Hound has been used for small animal hunting such as wild rabbits and hares.

The Ibizan Hound has a stately appearance with a long, towering neck and a generally lender body. Standing at roughly 22 – 27 inches tall and weighing at about 22 – 27Kg depending on the sex of the dog, the Ibizan hound is your typical tracking dog. It will require a larger compound space that other dogs when keeping it to allow it to pace around every now and then. It has athletic characteristics or running swift and jumping high hence one should expect sudden outbursts of running after small animals whenever they spot one.
It has large and erect ears that can turn in various directions. It has a nicely curved body frame that provides good aerodynamics during its high paced running. It has an alert gaze from its eyes which enhances its stately appearance. Its nose, eyes and ears are ringed with a light brown color.

If you are looking for a dog that will strive to please you at all the time, then the Ibizan hound is not for you. They are very intelligent dogs and also independent thinkers. They tend to show traits of canniness, hence, may require one to be firm when handling them. However, they generally tend to be obedient and polite dogs. They are very keen and alert especially when strangers come around but won’t act aggressively. It is important to ensure the environment is tranquil for the Ibizan Hound to thrive. They are overly sensitive animals and will always react reclusively when an environment gets distressing. On the other hand, Ibizan hounds are lively and loyal dogs with an even temperament.

Ibizan hounds are timid animals and will require a quiet peaceful environment. It is important to provide them with space for moderate exercise or even go out jogging with them. Play and train them using various techniques lest they get bored and none responsive. Ensure that they are leashed as often as possible especially in a public area otherwise they may exploit their freedom.

They are generally healthy and resilient dogs without much health concerns. However some may suffer seizures and allergies and on a milder case, they may develop eye disorder and even deafness.

With their small frame body, the Ibizan hound may not require much food. However, it is important to ensure they eat a balanced diet complete with all the nutrition. It is good to feed the dog twice a day rather than leaving out food all the time.

Coat, color and grooming
The Ibizan Hound has a mix of red and white coat that is either smooth or wirehaired and hard. Brush the hair weekly to remove loose hair and straighten it up. Brush the teeth regularly and also trim the nails on a monthly basis

Family and other animals
They blend well in a family though a bit apprehensive of strangers. They don’t play silly games but will chase running children. Are friendly to pets they are familiar with but may not be the case for unfamiliar pets.