Irish Wolfhound (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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This is presently the world’s largest dog. It stands toweringly tall and its bulky body appearance strikes and intimidating fear on its opponent. Its origin dates over a thousand years back and was used as a hunting and guard dog. It was a much-coveted dog that many nobles gave as gifts to their fellow nobles and foreign dignitaries. Its native country is Ireland and the Irish mainly depend on the dog for hunting and guarding their homestead. Due to its large stature, it has been referred to as the great hound of Ireland as it presents and authoritative demeanor.

This rough coated bulky dog stands tall at 30 – 35 inches weighing at 100 – 150 pounds. Has a long muzzle with a black tip nose and ears lean back against the head which spring-up when excited. They have a rough coat covering them all over including a bearded face. They have a proportionate body that is well built and muscular, and their tail makes an upward curve. They grow rapidly hence it is essential to cater for their growth regarding space and feeding.

They are intelligent, patient and kind. They are not shy of strangers and are welcoming to all people. This is a good trait for a family dog as they will unconditionally bond with everyone. They are consistently loyal to their family and will seek to please them in every way. It is introverted and won’t be expected to cause any form of destruction in the house. They are easy going and quiet in nature hence don’t bark a lot that is an unlikely character for their body stature.

They require a daily exercise routine that involves walking and running. Due to their introverted nature, they will require peaceful environment. They are generally indoor dogs and will mostly enjoy the company of their owner most of the time. Also due to their large nature they will require sufficient space and are not suitable for apartment living.

They generally have a low life expectancy of about 6 – 8 years. They are prone to suffer bone cancer, dermatitis, entropion, cataracts, stomach bloating, hip dysplasia.

The amount of food they eat depends on the size of the dog, but a mature adult dog will eat about four times more than the average sized dog. It is important to feed them a nutritious diet that should be consistently given to them at a fixed time.

Coat color and grooming
The Irish wolf hound has a rough looking coat with a brittle texture that comes in shades of gray, reddish, white or black. It has a medium level of shedding its hair hence, should be groomed once a week.

Family and other animals
They are gentle with children. However, much attention should be paid by parents with toddlers as the large dog can accidentally knock them down. It is a friendly animal and comfortable to live with as a family. Well, trained Wolfhounds should get along with other animals but may chase smaller unfamiliar animals.