Komondor (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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The Komondor is a large guard dog native to Hungarians. It was taken to Hungary many years ago for the purpose of protecting people’s flock. Also known as the “Hungarian sheepdog” or “the Kom”. It’s considered as the largest working dog in Hungary. It has a distinct scruffy coat that forms its natural appearance. It has a strong sense of being overprotective and owners may find it strange having a dog constantly staring at them. They are also very loyal and ready to give their lives to avert any harm against its owner.

The Komondor is a bulky and solid dog. It is very strong and hence pride as one of the best guard dogs. They stand at about 25 – 30 inches tall and weigh an average of 80 – 100 pounds. It has a flathead with a short muzzle that ends with a black tip nose. It has almond shaped dark eyes that are covered by overgrown on its head. The general details of its body are completely covered by its long hair from its head to its back, legs, and even tail. It has an upward curving tail of medium size. Its teeth meet with a scissors bite, and its long white coat makes it easy to blend with sheep to better protect them.

The Komondor is a calm and even tempered dog but will fearlessly protect anything is has been charged with. They are affectionate to family members and very loyal in guarding homesteads and livestock. They are very swift, and their bulky nature gives them an added advantage in fending off predators. Will be weary of strangers but easily accept them once no threat is sensed. It is essential to train the dog from an early age because of their size and power. This will ensure they are easy to manage when fully grown.

It is important to provide regular, consistent training to the dog. They are easy to teach hence will learn quickly. The training should vary to prevent the dog from getting bored of the same routine. They need their lines clearly marked out due to their overprotective nature hence a proper fence should be erected. They require moderate exercise as they do not express high energy behaviors

The Komondor is a generally healthy dog and suffers from what is common to other dogs such as: hip dysplasia, bloating and eye problems.

It is important to feed the dog on high-quality foods rich in all nutrients. Pups should be fed on calcium supplements to strengthen their growing bones. The amount of food served will depend on weight, age, and metabolic rate.

Coat, Color, and Grooming
The Komondor has a unique white coat which starts off as a soft covering when it is young and develops into a mop-like hair strand when fully matured. Its coat should never be brushed due to the nature of their coat. It should be well maintained by separating it to remove dirt on the inner coat, and a bath once in a while will be good though it will take ages to dry. Other considerations include maintaining its teeth and trimming the nails

With family and other pets
They get along well in a family environment, but one should be careful to monitor them when visitors come by. They do well with children, but it is recommended that it should live in a home with mature children. It may not get along well with other dogs and cats but will faithfully guard your livestock.