Kuvasz (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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Kuvasz Dog


This is a huge well-built flock guarding dog that is native to Hungary. It is believed to have originated from Tibet and developed in Hungary. The dog was owned by royalty because of its loyalty in the 1400’s. The Kuvasz became highly priced dogs during this period and were only owned by nobles of the society. Their numbers drastically reduced at an alarming rate during World War 2 and only a handful remained. Their population was revived after the Hungarian revolution when their popularity returned to the country. They have now widely spread throughout Europe and are known to be a tough breed that makes a good guard dog.

The Kuvasz is the largest among the guard dogs in Hungary. They stand at a height of 26 – 30 inches and weigh 90 – 110 pounds. They have black almond shaped eyes with a medium sized muzzle that is tipped with a black nose. Their ears droop to the side of its head with a v-shape. It has a medium sized tail which it carries low. The Kuvasz are very stout and athletic dogs with great stoicism. They can run for long distances without tiring hence can make there perfect long distance running mate. Due to their thick coat, they get adapt to cold places.

They are intelligent, bold and inquisitive dogs. They are very loyal to the families they belong to but very suspicious of strangers due to their overprotective nature. Adult Kuvasz are usually patient and gentle with people particularly children. They are independent minded dogs hence will require consistent training with a firm owner or trainer. They have an inborn instinct of making decisions on the field hence training may be a challenge. They are always ready to defend and may bark excessively.

Kuvasz’s are large dogs and are not meant for apartment living. They require large open space as they are country dogs. The Kuvasz become frustrated if confined to a small area or even tethered. Regular exercise is required for them to maintain fitness. They are highly sensitive and will need to spend time with their owners to feel the affection of the family.

They are healthy animals though may succumb to certain diseases common to dogs such as joint problems, eye infection, bone degeneration, blood disorder and bloating.

Kuvasz’s are generally good eaters, and it is important to feed them a healthy good quality meal. It is important to feed them at a particular time of the day as opposed to randomly tidbits throughout the day. The amount of food to give the God is dependent of various factors such as age, weight, and metabolic rate.

Coat, Color and Grooming
They have a heavy, odorless coat covering on them that is white in color. They will require regular grooming several times a week to prevent the hair from entangling. During spring and fall seasons it may be necessary to groom them more frequently as they shed their coat more often.

With family and other pets
They are gentle and patient with children. They tend to be overprotective for the family so outside children may not get accepted easily.