Labrador Retriever (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

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This is America’s most famous dog that derives its roots from the island of Newfoundland. It was commonly known as St. John’s dog that is the capital of Newfoundland. In the early 18th century, they served as resourceful helpers to fishermen in howling in their nets. After the World War 2, they began to gain tremendous popularity and became the most popular breed. They are the most favorite assistance dogs for disabled and old people.

They are fairly large dogs with a height of 21 – 24 inches and weight of 60 – 80 pounds. It has a strong and athletic frame with a bold look. They come in various shades of coat color which is soft and non-curly. It has a broad head, and its nose color is dependent on the coat color. If the coat is black, it will have a black nose. It has an average sized muzzle and its teeth close with a scissors bite. Its eye color also depends on the color of the coat it wears. Its tail is thick on the base and becomes slender as it draws towards the tip.

The Labrador retriever has worn its popularity by being the most loving family dog. It is loyal, affectionate and patient to its owners. They enjoy a variety of activity such as running, strolling and even swimming. They are easy to train as they are highly intelligent and obedient. They are also very playful and will thrive in an exciting environment. They are attention seekers and will do anything to gain affection. They get overly excited to the point of being very clumsy, and this may turn out to be a nuisance in some instances.

Due to their high energy levels, it is important to ensure that the Labrador retriever is regularly monitored that it may not cause any breakage in the house. It needs a lot of attention from the owner. Otherwise, it gets very lonely and get destructive in expressing its emotions.

They are healthy animals though may succumb to certain infirmities that are common to other dogs such as hip dyslexia, elbow dyslexia, eye problems, epilepsy, bloating and ear infections. They have an average life expectancy of 10 – 12 years.

It is good to feed the dog at a fixed time interval rather that sporadic feeding. Ensure that the food is high quality and contains all necessary nutrients for it to grow healthy.

Coat color and grooming
Coat color comes in a variety of Black to cream and even brown. It has a thick, soft and water resistant coat which gives it an added advantage for water sports. Groom the dog on a daily basis and wash it on a bi-monthly basis. Ensure to brush its teeth and trim its nails frequently.

With family and other pets
The Labrador retriever loves kids and even plays along with their clumsiness. Will show friendliness to other dogs and pets depending on the level of training and exposure it has to them.