Neapolitan Mastiff (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


December 16, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 4210

The mastiff breed of dogs is said to have originated from the Tibetan Mastiff, which is one of the oldest dog breeds to be discovered. They are believed to have been shipped to Rome around 300 B.C and were used for combat entertainment in the arenas. From here it derived other names that are: Italian Mastiff, Mastino Napolenato, Mastino, Molosso Italiano. Its name alludes to the fact that this is a huge dog. They are widely renowned for their reputation in providing protection and have been used as guard dogs by individuals, police, and even military.

The Neapolitan is distinguished by its large body mass. A very large dog to behold standing at 26 – 31 inches tall and weighing about 130 – 155 pounds when fully mature. It is muscular in appearance, and its face is full of wrinkles all over. Its skin seems to be buggy. It has a huge head that is supported by a short, thick neck to the main body. It has dark eyes that give a lazy gaze and its ears droop down the side of its head when it is calm. It has a short, huge muzzle with a black nose that sticks at the top of the muzzle and its excess facial skin sags on the side of its muzzle. Its front legs are muscular and powerful giving it an upright posture.

Despite its intimidating huge appearance, this is a very calm and loving dog. It enjoys the affection of its family and is very committed to their well-being. They tend to be quiet and will bark only when provoked. The Neo drools a lot especially after quenching its thirst and also passes gas now and then so it will be important to consider that if one is to keep the Neo indoor. They are not very active when kept indoors.

Due to their massive size and lazy attitude when indoors they need to be exercised regularly otherwise they may become obese. They also need to be socialized to other animals from puppyhood so that they can learn to accommodate them around if the owner intents to have other pets around. The Neo is a drool quite frequently. Hence, the owner should ensure he has something to wipe with close by. They do not tend to stray a lot, but it is important to keep them in a fenced yard.

They suffer from what is common to other dogs such as: Eye disease, hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cleft palate and bloating.

Due to the massive size, it is expected that they will eat quite a chunk of food. However, it is important to take care that they do not eat haphazardly lest they become obese. Ensure to feed them nutritious, high-quality food so that they can grow well

Coat color and grooming
The Neapolitan Mastiff has a loose skin that is covered by velvet like coat. Its coat comes in black, gray and various shades of brown. It sheds its hair like the average dog hence will require regular brushing to remove loose and dead hair

With family and other pets
The Neo is not suitable for families with toddlers due to its size and also clumsiness. It is a friendly dog with its family and bonds well with them. Will require training to accommodate other pets.