Norfolk Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

Norfolk Terrier

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This is an English breed of dogs that was initially developed to hunt rats. Initially they were considered to be in the same as the Norwich Terrier breed but in 1969 they were distinguished by their ear difference as the Norwich Terrier had pricked ears while the Norfolk Terrier had folded ears. The Norfolk originated form Central England developed by some sportsmen who wanted a working terrier. Initially they were known as Cantab Terrier because of Cambridge students who kept them in their rooms then transitioned through other names such as Trumpington Terrier, Jones Terrier and finally Norwich terrier before officially being given their present name.

They are short sturdy dogs standing at about 10 inches and weighing 10 -12 pounds. They hold up their head high and have a focused gaze with their eyes. It has a rectangular body frame and its short feet give it good balance. They have dark eyes that are almost located at the front of the head. They have a short muzzle with a black tipped nose. Its muzzle is covered with hair forming a moustache. It has thick eyebrows which extend between the eyes down the muzzle. It holds its tail erect forming a 90 degree angle with its back.

The Norfolk Terrier is full of life and very brave. It does not back off from a challenge and may even get confrontational. It is loving and very welcoming to people. It is an ideal family dog as it will befriend everyone whether young or old. They Norfolk Terrier is not a lazy dog and will require a lot of physical activity to keep it engaged throughout. It is easy to train as it will easily catch on what is tough and they do not bark unnecessarily

The Norfolk Terrier are very active dogs and will require regular activities to keep the engaged such as ball games. They will also require regular exercise for both their physical and mental health. Should be kept on a leash when outdoors to prevent them from straying off unnecessarily. Apartment accommodation is sufficient for them as long as they get their daily exercise.

They are a generally healthy breed and will suffer from what is common to other dogs such as hip dysplasia and eye problems. They have a general life span of 12 to 15 years

They Norfolk terrier should be feed on high quality diet that is well balanced to ensure they get all the necessary nutrients for proper growth. The amount of food to be feed depends on their age, metabolic rate and size.

Coat, Color and Grooming
They have a long coat that has a soft undercoat and an outer curly coat. It sheds little hair and it comes in a variety of colors such as reddish, black, bronze color and shades of brown. The hair should be groomed weekly to prevent it from entangling. The toe nails should be trimmed and its ears checked.

With family and other pets
It is a very sociable pet and will bond with the entire family. It will good with children as it is very playful and will also easily accept other pets.