Parson Russell Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

Parson Russell Terrier

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This is a breed of short terrier dogs that were named after John Russell, who was a clergyman in England. They are also known as Sporting Parson, Parson Terrier or Parson. They were bred for hunting foxes as they could bolt them out of their holes. With their long legs and narrow chest, they were well adapted in pursuing and entering fox holes. During the course of the 1900 many variations of this breed were formed due to cross breeding with many other dog breeds. It became hard to use the same standard on all the different variations hence the Jack Russell Terrier Club split into two forming the Parson Russell Terrier Club.

The Parson Russell Terrier is small bodied sturdy dog. It takes a posture by standing with its feed considerably wide apart. It has strong forelegs that it uses to make powerful strides. It has a round head with a medium sized muzzle that has a dark tipped nose. It has dark eyes that are almond shaped and its ears stand at the back of the head and form a flap forward towards the side of its eyebrows. It has a thick muscular neck that supports its head and its back slightly slants upwards towards the tail. It has a medium sized tail that stands erect on its back.

This is a free-spirited, fun-loving dog. It enjoys playing various games and run around as this is part of its natural capabilities. It is a fearless dog that is also head-strong. May be hard to train hence will need a firm and confident owner to handle it however they have a great capacity to learn tricks and have even been used in dog shows. They like to chase, dig and will even get destructive if they are not well exercised. They are gentle and calm when they have all their mental and physical needs met.

The Parson has a natural instinct as a hunter hence should be well socialized to other animals so that that they do not act aggressively towards them. They should be exercised daily to keep them well stimulated. Parsons need a firm but gentle trainer to help them become better dogs and should undergo a progressive training that challenges the mentally

They are a fairly healthy breed of dogs and will suffer from what is common to others such as: deafness, leg calves and patella luxation. They have an average lifespan of

They should be fed with high-quality nutritious food. Avoid haphazard feeding as this may lead to the dog being overweight. The amount of food given to a dog depends on its age and activity.

Coat, Color and Grooming
They have two types of coats that are either smooth or hard. They are generally white in color that comes with a mix of either black or tan or both. Their coat is easy to maintain as it requires weekly brushing to remove loose hair.

With family and other pets
The Parson is a friendly dog to keep and will do well with children because of its high energy levels and playful nature. It will need to be well socialized to other pets before being left alone with them.