PLOTT HOUND (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


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This dog breed derives its name from its originator Jonathan Plott, who was a German native that moved to live in the U.S. in the late 18th century Jonathan moved to U.S and cross-bred the Hanoverian Hounds with the bloodhound and Cur. For several generations, the Plott family bred these dogs until eventually they became popular to the rest of U.S. the Plott Hounds were used for hunting bears, raccoons, and deer in the mountain regions of Smoky Mountain. They still maintain the title of being one of the purest breeds of dogs available.

It is a strong and agile dog. It is medium sized built and has an athletic body. It is neither too bulky nor too skinny in appearance. It has a long neck that supports its medium sized head. It has round brown eyes with a black ring around them. It has a fairly long muzzle with a black nose that has big nostrils. Its ears droop down from the back of its head to the base of the head. It has a medium sized tail that thickens towards the base. It stands at a height of 20 – 25 inches and weighs 50 – 70 pounds.

The Plott hound it a confident, brave and intelligent breed of dog. It is very persistent and will never back down till it accomplishes it goal. It is a quick learner hence easy to train new tricks and skills. It is loyal and loving towards its family. They enjoy lots of vigorous activities and can jog long distances as they have good endurance. They have boundaries then it comes to feeding and are now well suited for babies who may interfere with their feeding time. They have a natural hunting instinct and may be aggressive to non-canine animals.

Plotts require lots of exercise to keep them mentally and physically stable. They tend to bark a lot and will need to be trained on when to be silent while indoors. Due to their hunting instincts, they should be kept on a leash while outdoor so that they do not act aggressively against other pets. They are not recommended for apartment living hence should be kept in a house with a compound.

They are generally healthy animals that feed well. They eat large chunks of food in a short while hence prone to suffer gastric torsion and bloating. It is highly recommended not to exercise this dog after meals.

They should be fed on high-quality, nutritious meals. Due to their eating habits of taking in lots of food at a go, it is important to feed them in intervals during the day probably twice or thrice. This will prevent it from succumbing to bloats.

Coat, Color and Grooming
The Plott has a short, fine and glossy coat that comes in various colors such as gray, black and a variation of tan. The coat should be combed once in a while to remove dead hair. Owner should ensure to brush its teeth, trim its nails and check its ears on a regular basis.

With family and other pets
The Plott is very friendly with family, however, should not be kept with children as it is very protective about its food and space. It is open to other dogs but may not be the same with other pets.