SMOOTH FOX TERRIER (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


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It is one of the many terrier breeds whose background is not well known though it is suspected to have descended from the Bull Terrier, Greyhound and the smooth-coated black and tan terrier. It is also known as Fox Terrier, Smooth-coated of Smooth-haired Fox Terrier. It was considered as the same breed as the wire-haired fox terrier but in 1995, the two breeds were separated. It was used for hunting and bolting out foxes, otters and badgers out of their holes. It made its first debut in Europe at a show ring in London in 1862. It was from this point onwards that the Smooth Fox Terrier drastically increased in popularity.

They are stout and athletic dogs. They are medium sized compared to other terrier breeds. They stand at 13 – 15 inches and weighs 13 – 18 pounds. It has a medium sized face with a long muzzle. The ridge of their muzzle runs up to their forehead. They have a large black nose at the tip of its muzzle. Their eyes are brown and oval. Their ears are set at the back of its forehead and flap forward almost touching its eyebrows with the tip of its ears. It has a medium sized tail that is usually docked.

The Smooth Terrier is a devoted and affectionate dog. It is playful and enjoys the comfort of a family setting. It is courageous and can easily pick up a fight with other dogs. It has strong hunting instincts and is likely to kill its prey. They are very alert and bark a lot hence will make good watchdogs. They are highly energetic and will do lots of jogging, running and playing to get fulfilled. They are not easy to train hence consistency and firmness is of utmost importance during training

They are aggressive towards other animals and will even chase noncanine animals hence they should always be on a leash when taken to public areas. It is important to socialize them early so that they can learn to accommodate other people and pets. The owner should ensure that they get their daily exercise requirement for their mental and physical stability.

They are generally a healthy breed but are prone to some health conditions that include: Hip dysplasia, cataracts, deafness, leg-perthes, lens luxation and distichiasis. Their average lifespan is about 12 – 15 years.

Feed, the Smooth Terrier with high quality, feeds rich in all the nutrient requirements. Daily meals should be divided into two instead of one large meal of many separate meals during the day.

Coat, Color and Grooming
They have a single coat that is dense and tough. It comes in very few colors that are white mixed with brown or tan and black. They should be brushed on a weekly basis and bathed when needed. Trim the nails to keep them in good condition and prevent them from causing damage and scratches to indoor items

With family and other pets
They are good family dogs and very affectionate with children. They do well with other pets only if they are well socialized and familiar with them.