Standard Manchester Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

Standard Manchester Terrier

December 16, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 8697

The Manchester terrier is one of the oldest known terrier breed. It was developed to hunt rodents. There are two variations of this breed; the toy Manchester terrier and the standard Manchester terrier. It was developed in England around the 19th century and largely priced for their swiftness in killing rats. There were rat killing competitions held during that period of which the dog that killed the most rats in the shortest time was the victor. It is a cross-breed of the whippet and the black and tan terrier. Despite their function of hunting rodents, they are widely used are a companion dog.

The Manchester Terrier has a smooth body that is tightly compact and athletic. It has a long narrow muzzle with almond shaped eyes. Its ears are large that form a v shape and stand up high when erect. Its teeth form a scissors bite when the mouth is closed. Its back forms and arc that curves down symmetrically all the way to its thin medium-sized tail. They generally have a streamlined body with is an advantage to its swiftness. Average height is about 15 – 16 inches and weight is 17 – 19 pounds.

It is a highly sociable dog that enjoys the company of people most of the time. It is a very lively dog that is light-footed, energetic and witty. It is independent but loyal to its owner. They tend to test extremes. Hence, trainers should be alert and firm to ensure they don’t cross. They are an athletic breed and will require sufficient exercise and play activities to keep them engaged and excited. They make good watchdogs and do bark on any strange activity.

This breed of dogs enjoys company hence should not be left alone over extended period. If possible, they should accompany the family to most of the outings. They have a strong personality hence owner should be firm when training them lest they take it lightly and take advantage to express their independence.

They are generally healthy though will succumb to certain infections such as: blood disease, glaucoma and heat bumps when exposed to prolonged sunshine. They have a long life expectancy of 14 years or more.

The Standard Manchester Terrier should be fed on high quality and nutritious food. The food should be carefully measured and served twice a day consistently. They amount of food intake is dependent on its level of activeness, age, and size of the dog. They have a healthy appetite hence their food should be controlled to prevent them from becoming obese.

Coat, Color and Grooming
The Manchester Terrier has a smooth, shiny coat that is generally black with a chestnut color strip that runs from underneath its mouth to the underbelly. They do not shed much of their coat and will not require much maintenance other than a weekly brushing. Trim the claws and also clean ear passage.

With family and other pets
They are friendly dogs that bond well with their family. The do well with children and will enjoy playing together. Their willingness to interact with other pets depends on their level of exposure and familiarity to other pets.