Vizsla Dog (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 2523

This breed’s another cool name is “Velcro Vizsla”. Most of this kind of dogs are affectionate. But this medium-sized is hunting dogs especially attached to his people. Vizslas are versatile and hardworking dogs. This breed is happy if he has something to do. He loves to have a human companion because he is fond of jogging that is part of his exercise every day. Vizsla can be your best friend.

Vizslas are gentle and affectionate with above average ability and a strong desire to be with people. This breed has many personalities that can describe him. Vizsla needs early socialization exposure so that when he is in the crowd, he will not be ashamed. This way, when he grows up, he will be a well-rounded dog.

Not all Vizsla can easily and quickly acquire any disease. However, just like any other dog, this breed can also be prone to certain diseases. Always consult a veterinarian for the check up and take the advice medicine for the dog.

Exercise is the best way for the dog to maintain the shape of its body. Give two half hours workout daily such as walking, running, playing games and fetching. When training the Vizsla, you have to be consistent with patience and kindness. For best results, begin training as soon as you can at home. Constant practice and training the breed will make you succeed.

Give 4 cups of good food twice a day. Keep your Vizsla in good shape by measuring his food and feeding. Don’t leave too much food in his bowl that can cause gain weight. If you’re unsure whether his overweight or not, give him the eye test and the hands-on test. First look down at him, you should be able to see a waist. Then, do the exercise.

Vizsla has a short and smooth coat that lies close to its body. The eyes and nose come in various shades of brown. This breed is easy to groom. He doesn’t have a strong doggy odor and requires only weeks of brushing with a rubber curry brush and wipe down with a damp cloth. Trim nails four times a month. If you hear that his nails are clicking on the floor, then they’re too long and needs to be trimmed. Clean the outer parts of the ears by using the cotton buds to wipe out the redness, if any. Make grooming a positive experience with praises and rewards. Generally, like humans, this is how this breed should be taken care of.

Vizsla is a loving dog, plus it’s friendly and tolerant with children. Before bringing this dog, teach children how to approach this dog. Supervision of parents is needed when playing and interacting with this type of dog for the kids’ well-being. Moreover, teach your children never to approach any dog while he is sleeping or eating or to try to take the dogs’ food away.