Welsh Springer Spaniel (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

Welsh Springer Spaniel

December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 7835

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a medium-sized dog with a compact body. His outstanding physical characteristic is a silky dark red and white coat of medium length that’s dense with feathering in the ears, chest, legs, and belly. This kind of breed is gentle around children if they grow up with them or are exposed to them when they’re young. They are affectionate towards the families. Socialization in early age is important to prevent timidity.

Welsh Springer Spaniel is trainable and easy to please. Exposure is important to many people and with their peers to avoid timidity. You can put your trust to this dog. If there’s a stranger approaching into your house, he will keep barking loudly so you will be aware that there is a stranger coming in your house.

This dog is healthy but as usual, he can be prone to certain health-related conditions. But not all disease can attack this dog. There should be extra care for their health to minimize those diseases that will usually hit them. If the breed has already acquired the disease, don’t procrastinate the day for their recovery. Immediately go to the Veterinarian for proper medication.

This dog can be kept outside with adequate shelter from the heat and the cold. This dog is the best companion to human. Because of his being energetic, it needs a big space to run, walk and play which is part of his exercise and recreational activity. Consistency and patience in their training can bring success to both the owner and the dog.

Same proper of feeding is needed to this dog. The measurement of their food and they eat twice a day. Give them food that will give nourishment to their body to keep them healthy and active. The quality of the dog food is still the best. Always check their feeding for them to be safe from obesity.

Welsh Springer Spaniel has a naturally straight, flat, soft coat that is never wiry or wavy. It has some feathering on the ears, tail and backs of the forelegs, the hind legs above the hocks, the chest, and the belly. The coat colors are dark, rich red and white. The Welsh Springer Spaniel is fairly easy to groom. Brush regularly to keep them look their best. Clean their ears because their ears are hung down and prone to dust and dirt. Clean regularly their ears by using the cotton bud to wipe out the redness and maintain the good smell. To prevent infections, bath the dog daily.

Welsh Springer Spaniel is gentle around children when they grow up with them or are exposed to them when they’re young. The parents should always watch the children when they are playing with this breed to avoid an accident. To supervise them is the best action for both the children and the dog.