West White Highland Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

West White Highland Terrier

December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 2295


It is a small, cute, and white hairy dog. It is easier to handle and friendlier than some other Terriers. It can adapt to any home in which he can be a full participant and busy body. This dog can be possessive of their foods and toys, and they are determined diggers and barkers. It has a natural appearance.


A dominant dog and aggressive toward strange dogs and have strong instincts to chase and seize small feeling creatures. This dog is often more tolerant towards other dogs and cats. And they can be stubborn and dominant, they want to be the boss.


West Highland White Terrier can suffer from skin problems. Health problem is a big problem in these dogs today. If you have this kind of a dog at home, you need to keep him healthy. Raise your dog the right way and you will be helping him live longer, healthier life while avoiding health problems and unnecessary veterinary expenses.


Constant care of a dog is in need to them. They need somebody to take good care of them, love them and support what they want them. They cannot do anything without the human. Human is the best companion of a dog and gives so much love. Because when you are in need of security guard the dog can let you guard with any bad strangers. He wants to assure that his boss is on safe side. It is a man’s best friend wherein he can protect you as much as he can.


Real meat is the best food also of the dog that can make him healthy. The dogs digestive tract is good for eating meat also. But it should be a dry dog food that’s heavily meat- based with a small amount of vegetables and other real foods. Healthy meals are the best, and it must be balanced. Ingredients, supplements, and directions for preparing the homemade meals, as well as what you might freeze the dog food servings for the daily feed.


This kind of a dog need to be clean daily like bathing him by using advisable soap, brushing their teeth four times a week to avoid bacteria. And also, brush their coat to maintain the healthy skin and coat. Clean also the ears by using the cotton bud to wipe out the debris in ears, the bad odor. Trim Nails to avoid scratching the body that can cause sores, bleeding and scars.


The White Terrier he is good also to another dog. But he has some dislikes with the male dogs. He can adjust to cats by mingling. Children playing this kind of a dog needs a supervise with parents to avoid accident both party. If you have this breed in your home be sure that there’s no rabbits and birds because he cannot differentiate with the other small creatures. Ages 6 years old Is the best years of age to play the dog.