Whippet Dog (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 9105

Whippet dog when you look at this, it looks like a delicate. But when you adopt this breed and become close to each other you will know that this animal is gentle, loving and obedience. His unique characteristic is friendly personality. It is a Competitor dog who likes competed. Because of being friendly he gets along with the other dog. You will not get difficult to go with him outside even when he met another dog. And he can also be a good friend with a cat.

A very loyal companion, quiet and cool. You will not get hard to train this dog because he is sensitive both physical and mental ability. Children are more fond of this dog, so there should be responsible parents to watch them.

The Whippet most serious disease is the eyes which cause cataracts. When they reach at age three he will get blindness. You should aware on that stage for the health of Whippet. Skin problems include allergies which cause skin disease lead to Pyoderma. Whippets can suffer diarrhea because of stress and food tolerances. The Whippet needs regular check up for disease. Because any diseases can develop cancer or life threatening disease .

Whippets love running and games, that he will burst their vigorous exercise each day, and there must be a secured area of this do g. This dog is polite include other dog, playful and athletic. Otherwise their natural caution can become shyness or fearfulness, which is very difficult to live.

There are many ways to feed the Whippet. Each breeder will differ on the food a bit that they recommend the basic food needs. There’s a range of foods available, the better food you feed, the less motions you have to pick up.

One of the delightful aspects of the Whippet is that it needs the barest minimum of grooming. With such a short, sleek coat, the Whippet Is not a breed that has a “doggy smell”. They love to be clean themselves. Regular nails clipping, teeth cleaning and weekly bath is best for this breed. Whippet needs a coat in the cooler months, be sure that coat is suited to the Whippet is a curve that fit him.

Whippet enjoys playing with kids. They’re not so big to knock them over easily, and they’re not so small that they are easily injured. Always teach your children how to touch and approach the dog. And supervise the children when they play a dog, to avoid accident each party. And also, teach your children not to approach a dog while they are eating and sleeping or take the dogs food away. Whippet like the company of the other dogs, and the other presence of another dog. It’s their natures to chase small furry creatures, after all. Some Whippets can learn to live peacefully with cats, especially if they’re brought up with them from puppyhood. But you should always supervise them.