Wire Hair Fox Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)

Wire Hair Fox Terrier

December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 9624

Wire Fox Terrier the skull is flat, moderately narrowing to the eyes, is not very common outside because of his stature. These are bold and energetic dogs that love to play with children. They are loyal to their families, Un less they’ve been trained and socialized to get along with other families pets. This dog is an intelligent and excellent watchdog and has a natural of ability to obey.

This breed enjoys playing, chasing and exploring. The Wire Fox Terrier is independent and always looking for adventure. This dog enables it to cover ground quickly and glides effortlessly. It combines this endurance, power, and speed. This breed may display aggression towards other dogs, and is reserved with strangers.

The Wire Fox Terrier has a lifespan(average) of 10-13 years. It may suffer from Patellar Luxation and deafness. it is also prone to minor health concerns, such as lens luxation, and cataract disease. To identify their conditions consult to the veterinarian. Some health problems don’t appear until a dog reaches full maturity.

Daily exercise in a form of a vigorous game, a good in walk, or outing in a secure area is important for the Wire Fox Terrier, this dog can exercise of his own. It’s good in indoor access to secure. He can be outside in temperate or warm climates. This dog need to exercise to invigorate his body. Early socialization is in need to help prevent aggression toward other dogs.

Feeding this dog, of course, is essential. Need to feed twice a day, with measurement to avoid gain weight. And don’t leave too much food in his bowl that can cause obesity too much eating. And be sensitive in feeding. So that he has in good shape by strict feeding. The quality of the dog food is best. And buy also food that can give nourishment to him. That he has an active body that can move he wants.

Wire Fox Terrier kept for show is hand stripped. The hair should be dense. Wire Fox Terrier needs only occasional brushing with a firm bristle brush to keep then looking neat. Regular baths aren’t necessary only when they roll in something gross. Wire Fox Terrier don’t shed very much but they should also be brushed regularly to keep their coats clean and odor free. This dog need regular nail trims. To avoid scratching his body and can cause sores, bleeding and skin disease.

This dog loves playing with kids. But they are too active for a child younger than six or seven years old. They play rough, and children high pitched voices and tendency to run can make them look like prey, inciting the Fox Terrier to bite in excitement. Teach your children how to play & approach your dog to avoid accident to each party. And don’t try to take away his food while eating and don’t attempt to approach while his sleeping.