Yorkshire Terrier (Facts-Characteristics-Information-and-Training-with-Pictures)


December 18, 2015 • DOG Breeds • Views: 13504

Yorkshire Terrier is small-sized but big in personality. This dog seems quite full of himself and one of the most glamorous. Sure to attract the attention where ever he goes. There are different bags in the market for this small sized dog. This dog is affectionate towards people as one would expect from a companion dog but true to their terrier heritage. They are sometimes suspicious of strangers will bark at strange sounds and intruders.

Compared with any other, Yorkshire Terrier is a smart and self-assured breed of dog. It is a small sized breed that likes adventure. If you own or wish to own this dog, then you must start training at an early age, as they could get stubborn after some time. The same rule is applied when teaching a human child; it’s more effective when taught at a very young age. That way, you can minimize any pitfalls that the dog can commit.

All dogs are prone to health problems. Yorkshire Terrier is no exemption to this. When you have noticed something, see to it that immediately consult your nearest local veterinarian to avoid contamination of the disease. Also, the affected dog will not suffer any worse condition provided that proper care and medication is given as soon as possible. Nowadays, several medicines are already available to cure different diseases a dog may acquire from several factors.

Yorkshire Terrier enjoys taking a walk with you or playing outside. When you make an effort to trained your dog, you can end up with a very well trained. Yorkie needed. Yorkie love toys. Yorkie is receptive training, especially it brings them attention for performing cute tricks or performing in agility or obedience trials.

Feed, your dog in a quality dog food, to have a healthy body. And don’t leave your food in a bowl to avoid gain weight, and too much eating can cause obesity. Feed a nutritious food so that he can play, run and walk as he wants.

The Yorkshire Terrier coat is long, silky, and perfectly straight. This breed has a single coat, and it sheds little. The tan on the head doesn’t  extend past the ears, and no black hairs are mixed in with the tan. Parts of grooming Yorkie Terrier is not for the faint of the heart. This dog tends to form a lot of tartar and on their teeth.