Kissing your Dog: Is it Safe? Kissing Your Dog Can Make You Sick!

Kissing your Dog: Is it Safe? Kissing Your Dog Can Make You Sick!

January 10, 2016 • Diseases and Cure • Views: 6261


Should You Kiss Your Dog?

The reality behind kissing your dog is you need to be careful when doing so. Before making a move to smooch your dog, consider the following factors; what he eats and licks make their mouth a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. However, those microorganisms aren’t huge health dangers for the vast majority. Kissing your dog is ok if you don’t feel grossed out by the idea. Simply have a sound consciousness of how clean your dog’s mouth is.

Will You Get Sick If You Kiss Your Dog?

Both human and dogs have oral problems to deal with, and both are also prone to bacteria. Luckily, the greater part of those who kiss their dog do not get sick. Viruses and parasites such as hookworm, roundworm, and giardia can be easily conveyed from dog to human by oral contact. Salmonella, as well, can be easily transferred to you, or the other way around. Infections tend to infect one animal groups or the other; there is also no chance that you can easily transfer your respiratory disease or get their illness by kissing.

If you’re the one sick, be considerate of kissing your pet. If you’re not healthy, abandon any thoughts of kissing or smooching your dog. Health conditions like HIV/AIDS, cancer, and those who have recently undergone an organ transplant procedure must be aware of the risk they pose to the well-being of their pet.

When Not To Kiss Your Dog

The best way to know is to observe their gestures and body language. If a dog does not want to be smooched, they will express it outright by ignoring your advances. Some will not even put their face close to your face and tend to lean or turn away, shift their gaze elsewhere, and prefer to pursue or close their lips. They will do everything to avoid locking their lips with yours, so take heed of the signs they show towards you. Many people miss understanding these signs, and when they attempt to kiss the dog, the poor puppy has no other way to react but to snap back, even to their pet owner.

If the dog shows hesitation and lots of signs that kissing is not their thing, don’t stress them out of it. If we respect their feelings, they will acknowledge our presence and importance in their life as a treasured pet of the family.

The Bottom Line About Kissing Your Dog

Be extremely careful, especially if your dog has acquired the habit of scavenging and exploring their surroundings. A simple lick can be detrimental for you and your dog’s health. The half-eaten burger your dog scavenged outdoors or the chips he was snacking on could be stacked with germs and microbes and put you and your family member’s life at great health risk. All that matters is this: as cute as those dog smooches might be; they might give us more than we expected such as gum infection brought about by living beings not ordinarily found in the human mouth. You can demonstrate your dog in simple ways, give them a pat, hug, rub their ears, or massage their head. Touch is more appealing and better appreciated by dogs.