Dog Grooming Tips

Dog Grooming Tips

December 17, 2015 • DOG Care • Views: 6293

Dog grooming involves cleaning and hygienic care of a dog. A dog groomer is known as someone who makes a living by grooming dogs. Regular grooming is an essential part of training a dog.
Grooming of dog also includes brushing, bathing, as well as trimming the nails. You can do each of this gently in either in a daily or weekly basis for effective result.
In this short article, we are going to discuss few dog grooming tips that will guide you.

Reasons for grooming
There are many reasons why people groom their dogs. Besides, the healthiness and well-being of a dog, grooming can improve its lifespan. Every breed requires daily careful grooming. Keep in mind that while many dogs shed, there are still others who don’t shed.
The main reason for daily grooming involves:
It reduces the chance of contacting many health problems like scratches, thrush, and other skin issues
Aids in the cleanliness and healthiness of the dog and through grooming you will be able to check for lameness, swelling, cuts, heat, changes in temperature and other indicative illnesses.
Creates a closer bond between the dog and the groomer and so on

Brushing Tips
Brushing is another important aspect of grooming.
While brushing, it is necessary that you check for tricks.
Check how much you will brush. For example, coats usually require weekly brushing, while longer coats need every attention.
Don’t forget to clean the tail and feet if the dog has longer coats.
Remove tangles with a slicker or a bristle brush.

Bathing Tips
Always bathe your dog at least once or twice in a week, depending on the climatic condition and your dog’s activities. It is unhealthy to bath your dog once in a month.
Use a dog shampoo
Our skins are different from dogs. So, while bathing, make sure that the shampoo is mild so that it won’t cause irritation to the dog’s skin. There are moisturizing, Tearless, deodorizing, etc. shampoos available in the market so try different varieties to see which one suits to your pet.

Start by brushing
The bathing process will be easier, safer and more effective, if you start by brushing the dog’s skin.

Use a bath mat
Dog groomers can use a bath mat, the dog doesn’t slip in the tub, it will safeguard the puppies and they will enjoy their bath much more.

Add lukewarm water
Don’t use hot water; instead, warm water is the best one to use. Don’t spray water directly into the ears, eyes, or nose. Use a spray hose or a plastic cup to direct the water.

Rinse well
One of the major mistakes most dog groomers do is not removing the shampoo from the dog; this will irritate the skin of the dog. After rinsing well, make sure to dry the coat properly.

Check for offensive odor or debris
If you notice any offensive odor or debris, while washing or brushing the dog, kindly consult your veterinary doctor with immediate effect for proper assistance. Get dog grooming tips from your veterinarian today. Give your dogs, the required special attention, monitor them very well.

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