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Dog Toys, Costumes, ID tags, leashes and accessories

December 17, 2015 • DOG Care • Views: 48962

Dog toys are those items used by dogs to play. They come in various varieties, sizes, and colors including tug toys, puppy toys, dog bones, squeaky toys, sticks, discs, plush toys, Frisbees, etc.
To purchase for your dog, kindly check online or you check some shopping malls or superstores around your environment. You will be able to get one that will make your dog can play with. Dogs love playing with toys, especially if they are with other dogs at home or in the park.

Uses of Dog Toys
Dog toys are used for so many purposes. For example, puppies need toys they can chew while teething because their jaws and gums become sore. Chewing provides some relief to the dog.
Toys encourage physical exercises, and this assists the dog’s overall health. Toys help the dog to be alert, gain excess energy and promote its dental health says some veterinary experts. There are other types of toys in the market that are specifically designed to serve different purposes depending on the dog’s play style, chewing habits, activity level and size.

Collars are produced from a lot of materials. They are available in many styles, patterns, and colors. Make sure you choose a collar that gives your dog or puppy perfect fitting.
Bigger dogs require heavier and wider collar than smaller dogs
Use a thin leather or soft nylon collar for puppies
Don’t allow the collar to be too tight. Ensure you cut off any over-long strap.
Don’t use choke chains on puppies; instead, there are other training collars that can be useful, and more effective.

There are varieties of leashes available, but normally they are either 4 feet or 6 feet. However, it is necessary to use anyone that will match the dog’s collar.
Ensure you use the suitable strength or thickness of the leash for your dog or puppy. Long leashes are mainly used by dog groomers, and it helps the dogs to roam in the park or walk around in the same leash. While short leashes are mainly used for off-leash training.

ID Tags 
Dog groomers use ID tags to quickly identify an injured or sick dog. If you place an identification number on their collars, it will be easy for you to identify and take proper care of your dog.

Ensure you supervise your dogs when they are chewing edible rawhide toys. Toys are there to make your dog happy at all times. If you are busy, or you want to have some rest or quiet time, you can simply give your dog one toy or tomorrow to play with.
Surely, this will occupy them for some time pending when you wake up. It would be nice and more useful to leave the dog in the company of another playful or friendly dog for easy communication. Try these useful tips, and you will be amazed how it will work for you.