Dog Grooming Basics and Tips | Home Grooming of Dogs

Dog Grooming Basics and Tips | Home Grooming of Dogs

January 12, 2016 • Grooming • Views: 1477

When done frequently and effectively, home grooming helps strengthen the bond you and your dog have together. With some straightforward grooming tips, you can ensure your dog stays confident and healthy. Grooming your dog is one of the key factors to a more happy and contented puppy. Who will greatly benefit from this activity? You and your dog. Here are a few tips about home grooming for your dog.


Brushing your dog’s fur requires more commitment to keep your dog’s hair neat and without any tangle. It also keeps the dog’s skin healthy and helps stimulate proper blood circulation. Brushing also aids in dispersing the natural oils of your dog’s skin. Brushing daily keeps your pet’s hair clean and without any tangle while keeping his skin solid by fortifying the blood stream, uprooting the dead hair and dispersing common oils.

How frequently would it be advisable to brush your dog? It differs from the breed of dog that you have. If your dog has a fine, short coat, it ought to be once every week with the help of a bristle brush or a good 2 in 1 Comb. Bristle brush is most commonly used on dogs that have double coats (like what Collies and Huskies have). If your dog has a short, thick coat, brush it a few times each week with a wire slicker brush. If your puppy has a long or plush coat, everyday brushing is prescribed with a steel pin brush or slicker brush. If he has a wavy or wavy coat, utilize a fine, bent wire slicker brush a few times each day.


Bathing should not be a troublesome task for you and your dog. Preparing the things needed for bathing in advance, diligence and a positive disposition, can help make bathing a fun and satisfying part of home grooming your dog. The basic thing to remember is to give the dog a regular bath every three months. Bathing must be given more frequently during summer. There are certain breeds that require constant bathing (outdoor breeds) while others require fewer showers. Keep in mind to utilize a good dog cleanser and shampoo.

Eyes And Ears

Not all types of dogs require a scheduled trimming of the fur around the eyes and ears, yet all ought to experience customary grooming on these sensitive parts of your dog. It will avoid the advancement of contaminations that could genuinely harm these basic organs. Dogs with overwhelming, wiry, wavy, corded, twofold or blend coats are prone to profit from home grooming or trimming around the eyes and ears yet numerous dogs with short or smooth coats might never require it. It’s a straightforward technique with the help of gruff scissors or the right trimmer tool.
Cleaning ought to be done all the time. Poodles and Spaniels frequently cause tear stains under the eyes. However, these can be controlled by the use of warm water and cotton. Never utilize any kind of soap close to your dog’s eyes. Dogs who have floppy ears require once a week cleaning while others can be cleaned once a month.