Hair Cut For Dogs | Grooming Your Dog at Home

Hair Cut For Dogs | Grooming Your Dog at Home

January 13, 2016 • Grooming • Views: 1581

How to give Hair Cut to your Dog

Prior to cutting your dog’s hair, ensure you treat your canine securely and make necessary plans on how you intend to cut the hair. Part of keeping your dog hygienic and well groomed is by cutting the hair. After the procedure, your dog must be spotless and have clear mats with no tangles. The hair must also be brushed well before starting the hair cutting task. This will make the routine hair trim an easy grooming activity for you and your dog.

How To Accomplish The Hair Cut Sessions With Your Dog

First, you need to have a sturdy hair clipper and the participation of your calm dog. How will you handle a clipper and prevent the dog from getting aggressive while the hair cutting session is ongoing? Here are some convenient tips for getting your puppy used to the scissors and to help your pet look good.

Begin the task by cutting your dog’s hair as young as possible, mostly when they are still a puppy. It is hard to train an old dog to get their hair cut than teaching a young puppy that it is important to have a regular trim in order to look neat and adorable.

Think about the sound level of the hair clippers that you will use and pick the calmest one. Noisy humming from a hair clipper would frighten people as well, so it is not advisable to use a loud tool when trimming the hair of your dog.

Research about your dog’s breed to become aware of how your dog’s coat and fur must be styled or trimmed. There are certain guidelines shared online regarding how a dog breeds coat must be maintained and trimmed.

Have an expert groomer or a dog hair barber demonstrate to you how your dog’s hair must be cut or trimmed. Many groomers and raisers are willing to share some of their knowledge when it comes to grooming the dog properly.

If ever you commit an error, don’t worry. Your dog might have a messy hair day, however, in the end, the hair will definitely grow back. The primary concern to be worried about is how to safely use the hair clipper on your dog.

How To Use The Hair Clippers Safely

Here are some convenient tips for securely utilizing the hair clippers on your puppy’s coat.

Make sure that your hair clippers cutting edges are sharp because a dull clipper tends to pull the hair more and cut the hair in wrong directions.

Pick the clippers sharp edge that works best with the particular sort of coat your dog has so you can accomplish the outcome you need.

In case you’re not certain about the cut of the sharp edge you’re utilizing, you can take a stab at using one of the numerous snap-on aide brushes that are easily accessible from pet shops. These brushes offer you some assistance with making a standard cut.

Make use of a hair clipper coolant or ointment on its sharp edges to keep them from getting too hurt and hurt your dog. You can buy coolants and lubricants through various pet grooming supply shops.