How To Keep Your Dog Clean And Hygienic? Basic Guide to Caring for your dog.

How To Keep Your Dog Clean And Hygienic? Basic Guide to Caring for your dog.

January 13, 2016 • Grooming • Views: 1228

When it comes to keeping your dog clean and well groomed, the task seems a bit hard to accomplish, especially if your dog has a very active lifestyle. Dogs have a natural talent to discover annoying odors and the dirtiest spots more so when they are outside the home. It is stunning how rapidly a dog can get all grimy after you gave them a shower. Here are worthwhile tips to keep your dog spotless and well groomed.

Tips On How To Keep Your Dog Clean

To make shower time a pleasant and convenient experience for you and your puppy figure out how to make it fun and natural. The most vital thing is to get your dog used to have a shower as ahead of schedule as possible. You would prefer not to make it a terrifying activity or else your dog will not be convinced to take a bath again with you. Give your dog plenty of time to play with his most loved toys first and afterward carry them into the bath with him and proceed with the task.

If he cooperates every time you pour water on him, giving treats will secure his feelings and accept that he is doing well in this grooming task. Make sure that the water ought to just be tepid. The dog must also be placed on a flat rubber mat to make him feel stable while standing on his feet. This can also keep them steady and avoid incidences of the dog slipping away from your grasp or making unnecessary movements.

How To Give Your Dog A Bath

Bath time is very important to keep his coat pleasant and clean -most especially so if he came outdoors and made his way to muddied and wet places. Before giving them a hygienic bath, gather two or three absorbent towels and an excellent dog shampoo. You can brush your dog’s coat first to uproot the greater part of the free hair and some tangles.

Make sure that the water is warm enough and hand him over your treat or his favorite toy. Whether you’re using a shower head or a dipper, make sure that your dog is wet entirely from head to paws. Be prepared to get wet too, because dogs have a tendency to shake the water off their body.

Once you have the dog, completely wet from head to tail start applying the shampoo. Begin applying it at the neck and complete at the tail. Massage the lathered shampoo profoundly into his coat; yet abstain from getting it close to his eyes, ears, or mouth.

When you have completed the process of lathering him up with the shampoo, wash his coat altogether. It will require a long time to get the huge part of the shampoo out. Do whatever it takes not to leave any shampoo residue in the coat as it might bring about skin irritation later on. Once the shampoo process is done, grab the absorbent towel and keep him dry, you can also use a hair dryer that is set in very low setting (in order not to scare him or burn his coat) for this purpose.