How to Care for Your Pit Bull?

How to take care of your pit bull

December 17, 2015 • DOG Care • Views: 10382

Pit Bull Characteristics
Pit Bull is a very special type of dogs. They are commonly people-oriented and confident- that is why they are always developing a strong sense of humor and dependence on people. To care for a pit bull, you need to be an extremely responsible person. If you are a care-free person, you might not be able to handle it, because it is not easy to handle it. You really need to be patient.
Pit bulls are affectionate in nature; they respond well to positive praise and reinforcement training, so ensure that they get enough exercises. If you train them well, they can impress you by being submissive to your instructions.
Due to their friendly nature, they can’t make good guard dogs, training them to be guard dogs might end up making them aggressive to people, even to their own pack.

Pit Bull Health
Pit bulls are healthy, and they have an amazing lifespan of 12 to 14 years. They can be susceptible to allergies as adults, hereditary cataracts as seniors, hip dysplasia as seniors, and parvovirus as puppies.
Pit bulls are strong and energetic, so ensure that it gets up to 45 minutes rigorous exercises each day. Just like every other dog, pit bulls suppose to get at least annual or semi-annual veterinary attention and other necessary vaccinations.
It takes a lot of commitment and dedication to keep a pit bull in your family, but the love and companionship you will enjoy will be worth your time and effort. Always bear in mind that there are no bad breeds, but we have many badly raised dogs. So, it is your number one duty to bring them up clean, well-behaved and submissive.

Don’t leave your pit bull outside unattended
Veterinarians advise that you shouldn’t leave your dogs unattended to because they are always a target for criminally-minded people. So, leaving it outside can be likened to leaving a goldmine or a diamond ring on a commercial bar, because there are high chances that you won’t see them there when you eventually come back.
Pit bulls are incomparably adventurous and escape artists. They can get out of your fence if they want to do so. They are extremely social animals; that is why many of them will not resist the temptation of exploring the environment if they discover that their owner has left them alone.
When you are leaving the house, ensure that the dog is kept safe inside a large comfortable crate, or in a separate room. Always remember that if the dog jumps out of your house, and does anything wrong while you are away, you will be held responsible. To avoid this embarrassment, you should learn how to keep it safe when you are away from home.
Finally, don’t forget that your pit bull may or may not relate well to other dogs, but surely they will live happily with a familiar dog of the opposite sex.