How to keep your Pug healthy: 10 Useful Tips

How to keep your pug healthy: 10 useful tips

December 17, 2015 • DOG Care • Views: 7671

Right from their pristine origin as pets in Tibetan Buddhist monasteries, pugs have been loved by millions of people due to their loving and playful personalities. You can help your pug to stay playful and healthy by paying great attention to most areas of their lives.

Below are ten great ways to keep them healthy at all times:

Make sure they are not obese. Always follow the instructions from your veterinary doctor. You can burn off fat by feeding them right, playing with them in your yard and going for short romps.

Many pug owners are finding it hard to keep their body temperatures. To ensure that your pug is cool, desist from taking them out during the summer season, due to the hotness of the season. Their skin thrives more at cold times and make sure you always provide them with lots of fresh water to drink.

Clean the wrinkles around its face
Always clean the wrinkles on its face. Their faces are regarded as breeding grounds for bacteria, so it is your duty to clean their faces every day so that yeast infections can be kept at bay. You can clean these areas with baby wipes or pet cleaning solutions.

Hip dysplasia
Pugs get easily attacked by hip dysplasia. To keep them safe, and sound, ensure that you keep them in a healthy environment. Though, it can be curious or adventurous while it is few months, but don’t jog or allow it to be jumping it around till it has clocked at least one-year-old.

Reverse sneezing
If your pug gets too excited, it can start to gasp for air. Covering its nose so that it can breathe through the mouth might be the safest thing to do when this happens. Your pug is more likely to gasp for air if it has short snouts.

Demodectic mange
It is a skin condition, and it happens when mites attack the dogs with weak immune systems. A veterinarian can treat this condition. So, if you notice itchy spots, simply go to your veterinary doctor’s office for proper medical attention.

Pugs shed so much hair, but shedding may not really have any side effects on them. But, it might cause health issues for family members with allergies. The only solution will be daily or weekly brushing and then bathing them at least once every week- these activities will keep the shedding down.

It is not good and easy for your dogs to swallow a pill. It can be very frustrating. If the dog needs to take some medicine, get it in a liquid. Feeding it to him will be easier and achieve faster result than allowing it to swallow a pill.

Indoor Living
Usually, Pugs have small body sizes and short coats, so it is not easy to maintain their internal body temperatures. So, don’t allow your pet to stay outside without proper supervision. Always keep them in a cool atmosphere or a comfortable temperature.

Regular Checkups
Always visit the veterinarian at least once a month, whether you notice anything wrong with your pug or not- doing this will keep your pug on a tip-top shape, and you will be able to spot early warning signs as well as prevent many diseases.