How to take care of a German Shepherd?

How to take care of a German shepherd?

December 17, 2015 • DOG Care • Views: 5818

Are you looking for a way to take care of your German Shepherd? Then your search is over; we are going to show you tips that will help you.

When choosing your German Shepherd, it is important to know that the breeder is not abusive, and also, make sure the dog isn’t sick or suffering from any disease so that it can stay long and healthy in your house.

Keep them in a cool atmosphere
German Shepherd especially long-haired ones are allergic to hot weather or tropical area. If you are living in any of these places, ensure that your dogs are kept in a cool place with lots of water and shade while outside. Don’t expect him to be alert and active in extremely hot days.

Teach him tricks
If you take time to train your dog, it will be well-behaved, easier to care for extremely impressive, and will develop a bond with you over time. When the bond gets stronger, he will be able to detect your voice, listen to your commands, and be happy to have you as a trainer, master, and guardian.

Give him enough space to socialize
Usually, German Shepherds are very fun-loving, active and playful. They need lots of time and space to socialize. So, it is your duty to make your environment hazard-free, uncluttered and clear. If your yard is small, then every day take your dog to a park, where he will catch fun and get along with other dogs.

Feed your German properly
Ensure your dog at least twice daily, and make sure he is well-fed, but don’t give him or her little food or too much. Both of them has side effects. Give him high-quality food that doesn’t contain corn for protein. German Shepherds drinks lots of water, so try to be filling up the bowl beside your dog, so that he or she will easily have access to it. Always check up the bowl at intervals, and ensure it has plenty of clean water.

Bathe your dog
Bathe your dog, twice or at least once a week. You can either bathe him or her in your home or take him to a groomer. There are so many pet spas that can take care of dog’s shower and other services. If you are on the budget, just check out the spas offering deals. You can also check out the flyers and give your German Shepherd a treat.

Take your Dog to the Veterinarian for the following reasons:

Check up
Your vet will check the overall health of the dog, and give the necessary medication or accessories. He can also check for things such as eye or ear infections, and get rid of the stretch.

If their nails get long, they will not be able to move around easily. He might scratch off the nails by himself. If not then take him to the professional, he is well-trained in having the nails clipped.

Every German Shepherd should be de-wormed at least once a month or twice in three months, so as to prevent them from getting worms. Your veterinarian can prescribe the right medications you can give to him or her.