Dog Accessories: Eight Essential Accessories For Dogs | Dogs Dad

Dog Accessories: Eight Essential Accessories For Dogs | Dogs Dad

January 22, 2016 • Toys and Accessories • Views: 1312

In case this is your first time to own a dog, you might be pondering what dog accessories you need to purchase. It is important to be aware of the basic accessories that you need to provide for your dog. Avoid getting stressed out about what or what not to buy. All in all, there are just eight things you should sufficiently provide for your cute dog and these are as follows.

Eight Essential Accessories For Dogs:

Puppy bed

A well-made dog or puppy bed can give adequate support to the back of your dog. This is particularly valid for the senior dogs. The bed ought to be sufficiently extensive for him/her to spread out and extend on. It ought to additionally contain a pad that is soft and provides enough cushions.

Grooming Brush

You ought to brush your dog’s coat with a reliable grooming brush every day. Brushing keeps his coat spotless and clear of any debris. Wire brushes function admirably with medium to long or wavy coats. Swarm brushes with small spaces are best for short-haired dogs.

Nail clipper/trimmer

Having a split and broken nail can be agonizing for a dog. You should trim the dog’s nails at least once every four to six weeks. You can do so with a nail trimmer that is specifically built for this task. Likewise, when you trim your new dog’s nails, abstain from cutting the quick part. The quick part is the delicate piece of your dog’s nail that is prone to pain and bleeding once trimmed.

Water And Food Dish

Buy a plain and ceramic dish for this purpose, one for the food and one for the water. You can go innovative or extravagant by buying drinking fountains or lifted dishes. You can even redo your puppy’s water and nourishment bowls by monogramming their names on them.

First Aid Kit For Dogs

If there should arise an occurrence of an emergency crisis, you will require a first aid kit for your dog. It ought to incorporate things like; a prescribed antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone medicines, a 3cc/10cc oral solution syringe, diphenhydramine, rectal thermometer, hydrogen peroxide, 2-in bandage, saline solution, ear-cleaning medicine, cotton swabs and tweezers. These things will offer you some assistance with addressing an extensive variety of wounds from bug bites to diseases.


Numerous states have imposed laws about dog leash use. Some states will require a dog to be on a leash on the off chance that he/she is in public. Therefore, it is crucial that you select a leash fit for your dog. Ensure that it’s sufficiently long to permit him/her to walk two or three feet ahead or to the side of you without harming his/her neck.

Chew Toys

A favorite chew toys provide a two-for-one advantages for a dog. Other than diverting their attention, chew toys reinforce his/her teeth and diminish dental issues. For puppies, ensure you buy one that is solid and can’t be broken. A puppy will be more adept to swallow a bit of it and endure desperate outcomes.

Tagged Dog Collar

This is essential for the well being of your puppy. In the event that he/she gets lost, it will offer strangers some assistance with finding the real owner of the dog. It is important to indicate the name of the pet and your name as well or else, the dog might wind up at the pound or in the arms of another proprietor. Make sure to adjust the tagged dog collar as he/she grows up.