Perfect Pet Gifts | Christmas and other Holiday Gifts for your cute Dogs


January 22, 2016 • Toys and Accessories • Views: 1202

 Gifts for your cute puppy:

Do you have an adorable dog in the family? You can give your treasured puppy a gift not only on Christmas day but for all occasions. You can surprise your dog with a unique and exciting gift. Here is a gift guide with corresponding prices to plan your budget wisely, and so you can have an idea of what kind of present fits your loving dog.

Tweed Dog Coat (Price: US$61.50)

This is a beautiful tweed coat to coordinate your own warm gathering in winter. This sensible outerwear is lined with Sherpa hide for additional warmth when the wind is whipping, and the snow is falling. Velcro straps make for simple dressing, notwithstanding, when your dog won’t quit wriggling.

An All Leather Leash (Price: US$50.00)

If you need to pamper your dog, purchase this all leather detailed leash. This leash is characterized by white braids and hoisted with a metal fastener and an all leather decoration. This comes in standard five-foot length versions, but you can have one customized for your dog.

Silk Dog Collar (Price: US$50.00)

For your buddy’s pup, it is a signature piece made of recovered sari and kimono fabric connected to a strong, waxed canvas. A portion of the sales of this silk dog collar helps benefit the program for animal therapy. The sizes to choose from are XS and XL.

McFly Puffer Vest (Price: US$25.00)

Since puppies get chilly too soon. Inspired by the famous “Back to the Future” movie, this vest is made of a strong nylon material. The nylon material provides extreme warmth for cold days, and a front snap closure guarantees solace.

Feed Me Bowl (Price: US$20.00)

Since you don’t comprehend what “woof” means, this dish plainly interprets their craving when the sustenance level is exhausted. This cute 8-inch puppy dish is sufficiently huge for even the most considerable breeds and includes a glossy polish complete that’ll mix with your house or dog theme.

Top Dog Bones (Price: US$15.00)

Sufficiently adorable for gifting to the community pups; sufficiently scrumptious to stock up on throughout the entire year.

Camo Hello Bandanna (Price: US$14.00)

This cool bandana will make your dog look cool and handsome. Give your trendy pup a camo frock to make him look outstanding. The “hello” imprint lets inquisitive children and other dog owners know your dog is prepared to socialize. It comes in one size that fits all.

Puppy Treat Launcher (Price: US$10.00)

It is an ideal gift for dogs who love to play fetch. He’ll get doubly excited for this device that slings snacks. Place pellet sized snacks in the canister, bolt and stack one treat at once, and hit the trigger to dispatch the divine treat up high to challenge his mind and reflexes.

Doggie Cigars (Price: US$10.00)

This fake cigar has more identity than the standard fetch sticks. It can also add a dose of curiosity and a lot of fun to your puppy’s next run.

Striped Play Balls Box Set (Price: US$8.00)

This toy is an arrangement of three felt-shrouded elastic balls that are particularly made for him. In lively red and blue, they’re difficult to forget about at the recreation center.