Dog as human’s friend and its role in society

Dog as man’s friend and its role in society

December 17, 2015 • DOG Training • Views: 7636

The dog is one of the best domestic animals. In many occasions, it has been regarded as human’s best friend. Scientific research has proven ways dogs can be of great importance to man as well as the society. Some people say that dogs began love man around the 16 century when humans took time and energy in domesticating the dog; taking him around the park, showing him love, and agreeing to live with him under the same roof.

Man and dogs enjoy a unique relationship. Among all the domestic animals, dogs remain the only animal that can perform a wide range of tasks for man, such as herding sheep, becoming a companion to a man, serving as a protection to man, etc. That is why, dogs are regarded as one of the closest friends to man.

Over time, man has called dog his provider, lifesaver, helper, and protector. The relationship between man and dog goes way back to the ancient days. Where some archaeologists believed that man and dog reached a common understanding in the 16th century. This relationship makes sense because both are social beings, none can thrive when alone.

Relationship between man and dog
Your dog at home gives you a warm paw to hold, a strong leg to run beside, and a listening ear. It is a symbiotic union because dogs have been domesticated to a point that they need the assistance of humans to survive, and man has discovered that they almost need them.
When you take a look at how man relates with the wolf, which shares 99% DNA with the dog, you will discover the truest meaning of the common saying that dogs are man’s friend. Wolf is an enemy to man, while dogs require affection, attention, and care from man.

Characteristics of dogs
Dogs have proven to be loyal, understanding, kind, with an indomitable spirit. They will greet you happily upon your return, even if you have had a busy day at work. Your dog will be there to cheer you up, with a playful grin and a wag of the tail, always at the side of man when we are lonely, sad, and sick. Always showing you love when you are downright mean, rude or grumpy. Dogs understand you, and will wish to play with you anytime, any day.

Functions of dogs
Dog’s helps man to carry out many activities, some of these tasks may not be possible without them. They serve as service helpers to blind, and people with special disabilities. Also, they help man to save lives and prevent possible crimes in the society. In most offices and establishments around the world, German Shepherds serve as canine police.

Why dogs are called man’s best friends
In summary, dogs are our special friends because humans love them, takes pride in associating with them, hold them close, play with them, and rely on them for so many reasons. In return, dogs showers man with great love.