How to introduce a dog?

How to introduce a dog? To family and to other pets

December 17, 2015 • DOG Training • Views: 11005

Dog lovers are always exciting to move around with their dogs. How you introduce your dogs to other pets can make a huge difference; it can be a key to a successful long-term relationship or even cause a disaster if you didn’t do it well.

When you bring a dog to a new environment, normally, it will feel insecure, confused or uncertain. But you can boost his self-confidence with careful introduction.

Below are some reliable ways one can introduce his dog. Learn these guides and use them for optimal performance.

Plan a park visit
Many adult dogs will easily get along when you introduce them to a new environment or neutral territory away from home. Choose a park that is unfamiliar with your dog. Many rescue experts use this medium to check if the dog can easily get along with other dogs or dog lovers, and to what extent they can get along with them.

Ask a friend his dog for a walk
The dog lover or groomer should walk the dog in the same location you are. Plan it in a way that both of you can meet at the same time. The meeting affords the dogs the opportunity to interact with each other.
Meeting in a totally neutral environment will make the dogs relate well because none of them have anything to defend there. If the dogs were able to play and get along well in the park, there are high chances that they will build a good relationship when they are together on a roof.
If the dogs clash with each other, you are advised to separate them, so that they don’t create more problems for you.

Speak to your dog first before the introduction
It is one of the tricks that work. If you want to introduce your dog to a new environment or dog, you should, first of all, give him some extra attention or a treat. Then, after it, speak to the dog about the new dog or new surroundings.
Some dog lovers used to reward the dog if he behaves well in a new environment or at the sight of a new dog.

Get new supplies for the new dog
When you bring the dog to a new environment. Make sure you provide separate food and water bowls, a dog crate, leash, collar, and a new bed for the new dogs. When the dog is separate from others, you can observe his interaction with other dogs, and then know if they are good to go. Do not allow the new dog to play with other’s toys, or eat from the same bowl.

Get a new toilet area for the dog
The new dog should have a new toilet zone. Find a place in your grassy area or yard where your dog can relieve himself any time, any day without interrupting your busy schedule. Ensure you use this place with your dog regularly, so that your dog can easily go there when he is pressed.