How to train a dog?

How to train a dog?

December 17, 2015 • DOG Training • Views: 10916

Do you want to get a dog? Are you looking for tips that will enable you to train your dogs? Here are some useful tips:

Get a dog that fits your lifestyle
Some people choose dogs that are ‘funny or cute’, but that is not the best way to choose a dog. You need to get a nice dog that will complement your lifestyle.
Getting a dog requires commitment. Some dogs have a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. Ensure that the dog’s temperament is suitable to your lifestyle. If you get a dog that needs s lot of activity, a lot of time to stay at the park, a lot of time to play with you at home, a lot of time to walk and lose some weight, then both you and the dog might end up being frustrated.
Depending on the type of dog, when you see a dog you need, write down its temperament and how you intend to meet them. If the temperament requires that you will have to change your lifestyle, then you may consider choosing the one that will suit you.

Devote some time for daily training
Puppies easily get bored. That is why, they have short attention span. Your duty as a trainer is to ensure the training is fun, upbeat when training and keep the dog enthusiastic all through the training process. The training can take up to 15- 20 minutes each day. Keep in mind that in training, you are not dominating the pet. Instead, you are communicating with them.

Give your dog a simple name
The name you give your dog must be practical. If possible, make it to be at one or two syllables, so that the breed can learn it easily, and be able to know when you call his name. If the breed will be registered then, the name may appear in two syllables.
Call his dog when you are petting, playing, need his attention or training him. Whenever you are training him, it is very important you use the dog’s name, to keep his attention. You can also be calling his name when he starts looking at you at all times. Some dogs learn their names very fast while some will take awhile before learning their names.

Do Crate training
Train him or her on how to stay in the crate. It will be useful to you when you want to leave him alone or when he or she wants to sleep. Let us use this medium to correct the popular misconception that it is cruel to put dogs in the crate. Dogs can stay in crates perfectly because they are den animals.
If the dog is crying when he is in the crate, you can bring the crate in your bedroom. Most puppies cry at nights, especially when they are placed in a crate. Teach him that the crate is his den, and not a cage. When he is outside the crate, leave his door open, put a toy close to him, so that he can come out, catch some fresh air and recreate.