Teaching “ STAND” Command

Teaching STAND Command

December 17, 2015 • DOG Training • Views: 4161

Commanding and instructing your puppy to stand is useful for wiping paws after a walk on muddy paths, when cutting nails, and amid the dog’s veterinary medical exams. Also, knowing no less than three summons permits you to blend them up during their training. On the off chance that you simply exchange in the middle of “sit” and “down,” your puppy may not by any means take in the signs he’ll simply expect, in the event that he’s sitting, that you need him to rests or the other way around.


Like “down,” the “stand” order can take for a short time to learn, particularly with dynamic, wiggly puppies who think standing is an immaculate torment. Simply keep at it and prize your dog with a treat the moment he stands, regardless of the possibility that it’s only for a minute.

Step by Step Techniques On Teaching A dog How To Stand

1. Discover a calm spot in your yard or in an open area that is free of preoccupations.

2. Command your dog to sit.

3. Hold a nourishment treat close to your puppy’s nose, say “stand,” and gradually display your hand straightforwardly and somewhat down. Your pup’s nose ought to either call attention to out or move marginally lower—never higher.

4. Urge your pooch to push ahead by quietly tapping your leg or making kissing clamors.

5. When your dog’s base is off of the floor, bring down your hand with the treat a tad all the more, so it’s even with his midsection, and ever so somewhat push your hand towards his midsection, so his jaw drops and his nose is guiding towards the floor.

6. At the point when your dog is standing solidly, say, “Yes!” and provide the dog treats.

7. Rehash a few times. Once your puppy appears to have the hang of it, work on beginning the command again from a “down” position.

8. Progressively make it additionally difficult by including, each one, in turn, and take note of the span, distance, and preoccupation. Teach the commands gradually starting with the span; every time your pooch remains on summon, on the following attempt add one second to the postponement between when your puppy stands and when you convey the prize. At that point, enforce the distance: stand above and beyond far from your puppy every time you give the order. At last, include preoccupations, for example, a ricocheting ball or an alternate pooch in the zone.

9. Go gradually when including difficulties, and if your puppy ever goofs, backtrack a stage until he’s hitting the nail on the head again.

Dog Command Training Tip

Keep your acclaim consistent and quiet, as opposed to sharp and energized. On the off chance that you get too bubbly, your puppy may go into a wiggling activity as opposed to standing soundly.

Your puppy quickly brings down himself to sit.
This is basic; since “sit” is regularly the first position taught, it turns into the default position when your puppy’s not certain of what you need or requires him to do. Verify you’re not raising your hand whatsoever numerous individuals do as such without acknowledging it. If you have to, put your arm or leg directly before your pup’s back legs so he can’t take a seat. If you can get your puppy to remain for a moment, rapidly compensate him with a treat, then press delicately on the body again, at the shoulder bones. He’ll prop to meet the weight, which will keep him in the standing position.